According to police in Florida, a guest at a wedding reception was killed and shot by an officer responding on a disturbance call regarding a man who was assaulting others. According to the family, WKMG-TV , a CBS Orlando affiliate, reportedthat the man was identified as Daniel Patrick Knight, 39, by police.

WKMG reported that Winter Park police said the attacker knocked down one of their officers before they were shot.
According to police, one officer spoke first with the man who called for help at the Winter Park Library & Events Center, which is not far from Downtown Orlando. According to police, the man attacked the officer and knocked him unconscious.

According to Lt. Lisa Suepat, Winter Park Police Department, the altercation began inside the event center and ended outside.

According to police, the man attacked another officer and the officer “discharged” his weapon during the encounter.

Suepat stated that the second officer arrived on the scene. “We had an officer at the scene, the suspect was approached and there was a second physical altercation between the officer. Then there was a shooting.”

Police said Knight was taken to AdventHealth Orlando, where he died later from his injuries.

WKMG reports Knight’s family issued a statement describing him as a “kind, gentle soul.”

“His only crime was to have a good time and drink that night. He doesn’t drink and works 16-hour days almost every day to support his family. He was able to celebrate his niece’s wedding for the first time in a long while. The shooting was not justified.”

According to police, the officers involved were taken to hospital. Knight was also placed on administrative duty. Since then, the officers were released from hospital.

The shooting is being investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.