At the forefront is the ability to negotiate is becoming a trend in the period of the pandemic. “Between the government, business and consumers sharply reduced a distance, there is no need for intermediaries”, – said the managing partner of A1 Mr. Elinson. Model, in which each speaks for itself, as it was in previous crises, it becomes less viable.

to learn how to manage in times of chaos – something that now works as a Professor of practice, Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO, co-founder of “Friends”, one of the founders of the Moscow school of professional philanthropy Gor Nakhapetyan. In the current environment, companies need to think not only about profits, but in General about the prospects of the work is in the “open sea”.

According to managing partner TOpCEOTeam, expert of the project “School of the billionaire” Peter Oberta, any crisis is a time of heroes, feats of super.

In the foreground, the word “management” – the company, family, your life, says a leading expert on improving the efficiency of business Ichak Adizes. “We must learn to manage change that in the current environment means learning to manage the situation with coronavirus,” – says the expert. For any company it is a kind of stress test. During this period, all subsystems move in different directions. For example, the marketing area is being rebuilt faster than accounting.

“because the systems are moving with different speed, then cracks like an earthquake, a unified structure begins to fall apart. That is, any problem related to disintegration,” explains Adizes. Those who will most quickly be able to integrate efforts – that is, to combine the parts of the whole, will emerge from the crisis victorious. This will mean that the lesson management integration successfully completed.

According to business coach and public figure, candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor Irina Hakamada, to succeed in times of turbulence, when all the usual trends of life are developing in different directions, no risk, no reward. “If no leadership qualities, the person is not able to take risks, and in the outside world, in self-realization nothing will succeed”, – said the expert. The need to learn. According to Khakamada, the turbulence begins to work the Tao of leadership. This is due to what will be able to “pull” from the outside, their leadership qualities and to embark on the path of success.