with The expert group, which is responsible for the rescue of the Belgian companies as a result of the coronacrisis deals with a matter of urgency over Brussels Airlines. According to the French info channel, LN24 is a hernationalisatie of the carrier on the table.

The high-expert group, inter alia, consisting of mr Pierre Wunsch (National Bank), Koen Van Loo (sfpi / FPIM) and Olivier Vanderijst (SRIW) should Brussels Airlines, to save it. The financial condition of the company for the coronacrisis not wonderful, but right now it has et, the company is urgently in need of 200 million euros in cash. The necessary recapitalisation may be the sum to survive even a plot of up to 290 million euros, according to the television station.

“As in the German parent company, Lufthansa itself is faced with enormous challenges, it is very unlikely that a Belgian subsidiary to the rescue shoot down,” according to LN24. Brussels Airlines is known to be essential for the Belgian economy. In addition to the 3,500 direct jobs, there are numerous other businesses and industries directly related to it: to begin with, the Brussels Airport and the tourism industry.

According to the LN24, several financial mechanisms have been investigated, among others, in the share capital, convertible loans or other credit facilities under the terms and conditions. “At this stage, it is expected in Belgium and that the Germans put their cards on the table and be precise in the questions to formulate regarding the liquidity and/or capital. Several sources indicate that public banks Work could play a role in capital mobilisation.”

a number of European countries are considering the nationalisation of the airline, among others, in France and in Italy.

for More on Brussels Airlines to the Test Purchase is to warn the airlines, that they have rights to respect, Brussels Airlines booked a net loss of 40 million, management reduces salaries for Brussels Airlines and is asking for 200 million euros in state aid when He makes it to the USA, you are coming from the European Union is impossible; for why does he do that? And how big will the impact be?