the Appeal of the voucher received for unused tickets, will be another opportunity for customers of the airline to return the money, Artemyev said during an online briefing of the European business Association. This will make the approach to solving this problem in a more flexible attitude to victims – both citizens and airlines.

“I think that will still be accepted this approach, when we all who paid for tickets will have to obtain vouchers and to fly for them for other tickets. We are going to insist that the voucher had treatment and I was able to sell it in the prescribed manner and thus get the money back,” – said the Minister.

Now provide options for receiving the money upon return of unused tickets in cases of emergencies. Each situation is considered individually. For example, when a person is definitely not going to fly, when he a refund is the only possibility to support the livelihoods of their families. Artemyev said that the FAS have always advocated that people could get the money, and will defend its position.

among the priorities of the Ministry also checks of products of foreign companies, they offer Russian customers, according to the original recipe. This is to avoid “double standards”, said Artemyev. We are talking about the cases when foreign companies sell their goods in the Russian markets as the original, but its quality is different from the reference product, which is produced abroad and sold in European markets. Then the FAS requires strict compliance with all technologies. “If this is not the original product, and some other, then it must be stated on the packaging. Then we will not accept this unfair competition,” – said Artemyev.

According to him, on the facts of sale of goods, which was issued for the original, but were not already filed several antitrust cases.

Another area of work of the Antimonopoly authority due to the introduction of quotas in the framework of public procurement of products of Russian production from EEU countries. Its introduction will not lead to restriction of competition and infringement of the rights of foreign companies, stressed Artemyev. To start the quota will apply to some products and businesses. Their size and the mechanism of implementation will be determined by several decrees in the framework of the program of import substitution. In addition, for 95-99% of the goods that are shipped today from abroad, no restrictions will not be applied.

it Also discusses the question of increasing quotas in procurement for small businesses. This measure will allow to create equal conditions of competition between private and stateuderstanding companies and will support the business.

Another significant step may be the creation of a registry of activities, the fulfilment of which in the framework of public procurement will be able to count only small businesses. This paragraph on the initiative of the FAS included in the national economic recovery plan. Performing certain types of work, including painting of fences, replacement of lighting lamps, planting of greenery, you can give small enterprises, says the head of the Antimonopoly service. You do not need to attract large corporations.

among the areas of work of the FAS – transition to electronic format. Complaints today is conducted remotely. This can significantly reduce the financial costs of the companies. The company is planning a transition to the electronic mode of submission of applications for mergers and acquisitions. According to Artemyev, in the first stage will still be possible to submit such documents in a familiar format.

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