Exclusive from the hottest point of Syria: radicals hide behind the Turkish military

In Idlib province, the Syrian army took control of key town — the city of Sarakibe, which is located at the intersection of two strategic tracks — M4 (Latakia – Aleppo) and M5 (Damascus – Aleppo). The most important victory of the army of Bashar al-Assad in the battle with terrorists. What is happening in the area of de-escalation Idlib?

Saraqib is a city that is located on the road of Hama – Aleppo. The soldiers of the Syrian army have forced militants from the village. The city has not yet worked as engineers, on streets and in buildings — a large number of unexploded ordnance and improvised explosive devices. Saraqib is the first transportation hub in the near future divisions of the government forces to regain control of the highway that connects the Northern capital of Syria, Aleppo and Damascus.

the Last flags of the so-called armed Syrian opposition over the city. One just not had time to remove after Saraqib was released. This flag actually became a cover for terrorist groups, and the radicals use it as the brand to was the image on export.

In the room where the leaders, it is clearly seen, next to the symbols of the so-called Free Syrian army are the symbols of the terrorists of the former branch of “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia). Peculiar, of course, interaction.

In an urban school was located the headquarters of the militants. Radicals are almost always camouflage military installations by educational institutions or mosques. In the case of blow you can always say, well, the Syrian army or the Russian aircraft hit civilian targets. Same here actually — the weapons, ammunition and equipment, personal belongings of the militants, blanks for improvised explosive devices. In the schoolyard, the warehouse, the 120-millimeter mortar shells. And in the basement of the school where the headquarters, the militants made a makeshift bomb shelter.

In the basement — a good ventilation system, electricity, StENES neatly painted, there are a few functional rooms where you can organize work of staff. There is even a supply of fuel and lubricants. The militants here could shelter from the artillery RAID and air strike.

the Battle for this stretch came against the backdrop of severe political processes. In Ankara with irritation and looked at the consequences of the activity of terrorist groups and militants, in fact, provoked the government forces to respond to attacks and attacks on settlements.

Turkish President Erdogan accused the Syrian government in a conscious attack on the Turkish military, which are in the province of Idlib. In response, Turkey has caused about 60 strikes on Syrian military targets, as stated in Ankara. Against this background, the radicals lost in Idlib another powerful fortified, and now the Turkish military posts in the area of de-escalating the situation is calm.

a Turkish observation post on the M5 now is in the rear of the Syrian forces. The nearest point of the militant allies of Turkey it is not less than 10 kilometers. The members of radical groups used the Turkish presence in order to attack government forces, the radicals just covered up by the Turkish military, and even hoped to provoke another round of conflict between Damascus and Ankara.

Post of the Turkish army in Saraqib our group managed to shoot using a drone. It is seen that most of the equipment is sheltered in the hangars, the post is located in the industrial area. At the disposal of the military has armored vehicles and heavy weapons. Perimeter equipped position for firing.

the Area of de-escalation Idlib remains one of the main sources of the terrorist threat in the world. Ankara can not completely control the radical groups that operate in Idlib. Talking about it, and the shelling of peaceful neighborhoods, which are located at the contact line, and the attack on the Russian airbase Hamim. Terrorists launch attack drones from the zone of de-escalation. Provintion remains a gathering place of international terrorism.

Text: “News of the week”