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Photo credit: TASS/Sergei Bobylev

Former coach of “Krasnodar”, “Kuban”, Makhachkala “Anji” and Soligorsk “Shakhtar” Sergei Tashuyev has compared the level of the Championships of Russia and Belarus on football.

In an interview with Tribuna specialist expressed the opinion that “today the Belarusian football at a level above the Russian” and also said that he “was very unpleasant to hear criticism of the championship of Belarus”.

“I statements perceived not only as a Russian major. The people who rose to some level, I stayed there and then dropped and now things are looking down” – quotes the coach RT.

Tashuyev recalled that the Russian clubs failed last season in the European Cup – no team reached the playoffs of the tournament.

“you Look at a lot of money invested in football in Russia, and how small – in Belarus. And not much difference. Yes, Russia has a slightly better selection of players, media coverage, stadiums, but not much,” said the coach.

the Belarus League is the only League in Europe that continues, despite the pandemic coronavirus.

Some Russian experts previously condescending or ironic things about the level of Belarusian football, the rights to a show which because of the crisis has acquired a channel “Match TV”.

In particular, voted honorary President of the Russian football Union (RFU) Vyacheslav Koloskov: “This kind of pornography, nonsense: neither the audience, nor the skill of nothing. And we are on Central television show this nonsense.”

foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei previously responded to the statement by the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov that Russia is helping Belarus to combat coronavirus. The Minister said that “we would want to understand what is at stake”.

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