One of the key top managers of the leading broadcasting holdings “European media group” (EMG; controls the “Europe Plus” “Retro FM” etc.), Alexander polesitskiy, left the company after 23 years. He ran the company along with the CEO Roman Emelianov, and now will deal with industrial issues in the industry Association — the Russian radio Academy.First Deputy General Director of EMG and Board member Alexander Polesitsky left the leading broadcasting holdings, told “Kommersant” a source in the media market. On the website of EMG Mr Politickeho no longer in the list of top managers. He confirmed “Kommersant” that left the company last week. In the EMG did not provide comments.EMG manages the stations “Europe Plus”, “Road radio”, “Retro FM”, “New radio”, “Sport FM”, “Radio 7 on seven hills”, “Eldorado” in Saint-Petersburg, the regional radio station “Kalina Krasnaya”, project Studio 21, weekly edition of the “Profile” and the online resource profile.EN.Responsibilities of Alexander Politickeho was “almost the same as that of the CEO — to the extent that he has delegated”: strategy development, marketing and promotion, said a top Manager. “My function in EMG as operations Manager was almost exhausted. Everything has its time. This is the third shareholders in my lifetime, each has its own ideas of what should be. If before my competence was complemented by the competence of the previous owners, the current management has their own idea about management. Roman (Emelyanov.— “B”) has a vision of what it should do, and there is no need to have a me. We parted on good enough terms,” he added.EMG as a holding company was established in 2006 and belonged to the French broadcaster Lagardere. From the outset, the General Director of the holding was Mr. Polesitsky. In 2011 EMG from the French was bought by shareholders of the Siberian business Union (SDS; unites the coal-mining, machinery and other assets) and appointed by the President Ekaterina Tikhomirov, and Mr. Polesitsky became senior Vice President.In 2016, the SDS, the owners sold the leading broadcasting holdings co-owners of the Ural mountain-metallurgical company Andrey Bokarev, Andrey Kozitsyn and Igor Kudryashkin, and those appointed by the CEO of Roman Emelianov. Mr. Polesitsky became the first Deputy CEO. After the transaction of EMG combined with the station “New radio”, run by Mr. Emelyanov.”Regardless of where Alexander, he remains one of the pillars of the national radio, which made a decisive contribution to the development of radio in Russia”,— said General Director of “LE Radio” (operates “Autoradio” “Humour FM” etc.) Yuri Kostin. “On behalf of the competitor I would have thanked the leadership of EMG for such a decision,”— said one of the co��of osadnikow “b” on the media market.Now, the first Deputy Director will become Executive Director of EMG Philip Karmalito, and the position of Executive Director was abolished. While Mr. Polesitsky will continue to represent the EMG in the Russian Academy of radio and to engage in industrial issues.Valery Lebedev, Anna Afanasyeva