Thuringia’s Economics Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee (SPD), as expected from the emergency aid program in the country for small businesses of up to 250 million Euro have to be paid. The demand will be according to his estimates, much higher than the initially estimated EUR 175 million, said Mr Tiefensee on Sunday, the German press Agency in Erfurt. The SPD-politician appealed to the Thuringian, the rules to contain the Corona of a pandemic in keeping with the economy, after about one month of forced break after the 20. April step-by-step can again be ramped up.

The country had started the assistance programme at the beginning of last week. After less than five days, about 20 000 applications from self-employed and small firms with up to 50 employees were already caught by the Corona-crisis economic difficulties. “There is a big Run on the assistance for enterprises in Distress.” The also show how problematic the situation was, said Mr Tiefensee. It should not happen that entire industries came to the abyss.

With the help immediately – since last Friday, there is also a Federal program will ensure that the business about a month with still or significant restrictions in production or business operations could be bridged, said the Minister. “In the second month, we should be able to the economy starting again.”

there were, according to his opinion, strategies should run in parallel: The number of Tests for the Coronavirus, as well as the intensive care beds in the hospitals should be increased and the medical and nursing staff are securely protected.

“a Lot also depends on the behavior of the people. Given the health and economic risks I have no understanding of when to keep the rules, to limit the risk of infection.“ Until the end of the Easter holidays would not have to be achieved in that the number of new infections increases so quickly. In addition, risk groups must be protected.

“Then we can to the 20. In April, the economic life as quickly as possible back-up.“ Automotive suppliers that dominate the Thuringia economy, but also in the engineering or craft-based companies with approximately 150 000 employees would have to be put in a position that they could re-produce and work.

Should have to run the economy, two months on the back burner as in the past, it would be connected, according to estimates, in Thuringia alone, with value-added losses of five to ten billion euros. This is a immense damage.

nationwide, was discussed at the weekend about Exit strategies from the current limitations and the right time. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), and other leaders exhorted the people to patience.