Sergey Vadimovich, most often from the regions come to us complaints about the quality of new homes, which relocated from emergency housing. Report it to the utilities Fund. How do you react? And do you have many such complaints?

Sergei Stepashin we Have a special registry, which will wear all the complaints of citizens related to the quality of housing for the resettlement of dilapidated housing. Now there is information on 244 home of the 59 regions. And they will stand on the control to eliminate violations. By the way, four years ago, in the registry was 1130 blocks of flats, and last year – 381 Dom.

from Where comes more complaints and on what?

Sergei Stepashin Today, the maximum number of apartment buildings under the control of the Fund is located in the Amur region – 22 house. In the Kemerovo region 12, Penza – 11, in Yakutia – 10, and in the Moscow and Kurgan regions – for 9 houses.

most Often complain about defects in the roof, peeling plaster on the walls, irregularities in the wastewater system, the appearance of water in the basement.

the penalty for marriage and the failure of the timing?

Sergei Stepashin Fine. 100 thousand rubles for each apartment building. Over the past four years, the fines issued 28 regions for 122 apartment houses.

Not so great penalties. Help?

Sergei Stepashin Once of the complaints about the quality is getting less help. And for those whom they do not act, we have other options. For example, the Fund may take a decision on the return of financial support for resettlement. Karelia had to return 500 thousand rubles for the fact that in the troubled house after the penalty has not been eliminated construction defects.

the punishment does not affect someone personally. The penalty from the budget of your wallet is not drawn.

Sergei Stepashin Here you are not quite right. The heads of regions, municipalities are responsible for the budget. And very seriously. As for the implementation of the program of resettlement from dilapidated housing. Let me remind you that in 2016 the head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen, the President reprimanded “in connection with a breach of the obligations on the organization of resettlement of citizens from dilapidated housing”.

him alone?

Sergei Stepashin After this incident, it seems, wanting to get under the reprimand of the President is no longer found. And we have our finger on the pulse. Work together with Supervisory and law enforcement authorities.

last year in 45 regions prosecutors have made 273 ideas of elimination of violations, and 15 – 18 were investigating criminal cases. In the first half of 2020 in 27 regions included 143 views, and six opened 15 criminal cases.

Newspaper Kommuna, Voronezh: New homes – it is good. But we know how worn out infrastructure utilities, with accidents and economic losses. What is being done to solve this problem?

Sergei Stepashin It is a question of modernization of housing and utilities. Us 70 percent of utility infrastructure – sewer, heat, boilers – even the Soviet Union got. Our Foundation is mandated to prepare proposals on how to restore order here. Will work on this topic together with the Ministry of construction.

And we have a modernization program, as disaster housing?

Sergei Stepashin It was already implemented in 25 regions. Recently I traveled to the Pskov region city Island. There is a large-scale modernization of two boiler rooms to increase their capacity. Now the islanders are guaranteed to be warm.

All this, of course, have to deal with. We have good technology, businesses, professionals. All can change.

Well, at least in the 25 regions where the program worked, is everything fine?

Sergei Stepashin thank you! Still work to do. But about 10 million people could improve their conditions. A bit, of course. Although how to count.

it would be Good and others improve. Probably still need to take a long-term and large-scale program?

Sergei Stepashin Definitely. Now we are preparing a meeting on housing and communal services under the auspices of the President of the country. It will touch upon the work of municipalities and problems with municipal infrastructure. This is the future. But there are problems that need to be solved quickly. They are associated with a coronavirus. Three months people can delay payment of utility services without fear of penalties. For the repair do not have to pay it. The public Council of the Ministry, which I chair, wrote a letter to the Prime Minister to still consider the payment options to companies who work in housing.

Newspaper “Yuzhnouralskaya panorama”, Chelyabinsk: Sergey Vadimovich, what measures are needed to prevent a hasty translation of the running of the housing stock requiring repair in the emergency category?

Sergei Stepashin is a right time for a major overhaul. However, happens and so: the house in principle is not bad, it is possible to overhaul. But it is in a very good location – in the center of the city. And he has an eye on business.

They love to demolish the house, and in its place will make the shopping center or anything else. With such stories we have encountered in Makhachkala, there have been episodes in Zelenodolsk, Tatarstan is. In such cases, the Fund takes a principled stand. In Tatarstan it came to the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights.

speaking of rights. Not all tenants want to move.

Sergei Stepashin This is a problem! The majority of tenants are ready to leave, and one or two families who say, “We don’t ��come!” Now in the law for making amendments in the formation of a unified approach to the elimination of dilapidated housing. As for the old houses, the problem will be resolved by voting citizens that will protect the rights of people and to minimize the amount of litigation. Thus, the decision on relocation will be taken by the citizens.

Timur Aliyev, special correspondent of “RG” in Makhachkala: Not always capricious. In Makhachkala, many families refuse out of the city center to move to the area of the former Hippodrome. In a new place no conditions. No schools, kindergartens, problems with electricity supply.

Sergei Stepashin We know that. Now in Makhachkala conducted trials, the authorities offer people different options. With communications put things in order.

In this situation the programme is unique in its kind. In order to prevent this, it is necessary at the outset to listen to the opinions of people who are planning to relocate from dilapidated housing. Find a compromise and work together to develop a solution that will suit everyone.

the Newspaper “the Komsomol of Caspian sea” Astrakhan: Sergey Vadimovich, how do you assess the implementation of the programme of dilapidated housing in Astrakhan? What do you like, what not?

Sergei Stepashin problems in the field very much. I was there at different times, so there is nothing to compare.

Astrakhan on the number of damaged houses was ranked first in the Soviet Union. I remember even was such a bad joke: it is a pity that the war took place in Astrakhan, and all these hemady not burned. Clearly, such a joke I don’t approve, but the scale of the disaster at the time, she passed for sure.

What now? Of course, the picture in Astrakhan changing. Programme for the resettlement of dilapidated housing moved. This had very serious “clean up” the footage. It was dismissed almost all who were involved in their construction, including emergency housing. Now, with the new Governor of the figures I see say that the program is changing dramatically. In the autumn we plan to Astrakhan to come. Though the change is obvious, but there is still a lot of work.

There’s another problem. The city has many houses that are not technically an emergency, but to live in them have long been hard. Stands next to one house, well built, and near Alamada such.

Tatiana Dmitrakova, special correspondent of “RG” in the far East: This is not only in Astrakhan. In Yakutsk are whole blocks of old wooden two-storey buildings that cannot be demolished under the program because they are not an emergency. But it is a barracks with no indoor plumbing, where it is impossible to live!

Sergei Stepashin I think this is the biggest problem today. We are still defined separately – dilapidated housing, separate of the emergency.

I Agree with you: p��RA to stop hiding your head in the sand like ostriches, not noticing that in the old houses to live. XXI century in the yard! Old – this is an emergency shelter. They have nothing to share.

And we must help the regions to get rid of this junk. Astrakhan region borders on Kazakhstan. In fact, the business card of our country. And Yakutia, and so is the leader among Russian regions on the identified emergency housing. It Republic more than a million square meters.

Irina Chechurina, the correspondent of “RG” in Samara: This spring on the old houses in the historical centre of Samara began to hang the announcement of the resettlement program, regardless of the degree of wear, only focusing on the date of construction. If people collectively stood up for their homes, the demolition be canceled. How to understand this?

Sergei Stepashin In my opinion, it is a defect of the city administration. When creating the program it was necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the situation with the houses, work with citizens, including outreach. And determine the appropriate method of the program.

Now in the Samara region operates the first and second stages of the program of resettlement from dilapidated housing. A new apartment should obtain more than four thousand people. It is necessary to consider mistakes and avoid them in the future.

Tatiana Dmitrakova: I time surprised. For example, Ussuriisk house in disrepair in 2017. And new apartment people will only get to 2025. The tenants who recently recognized as such, will celebrate the new home only nine years later. The period of settlement can be adjusted. What is the meaning of such terms?

Sergei Stepashin Terms, which are incorporated in the program, taken not from the ceiling. They calculated. I would also like to take things slow. But it need not only money, but also building capacity, and much more.

to Relocate people from dilapidated houses is not included in the program at the expense of regional and municipal budgets. But here the regional authorities take a decision, given the financial and other opportunities.

regarding the timing of resettlement of dilapidated housing in the framework of the national project “Housing and the urban environment”, many regions have supported the initiative to carry out the plan early. However, for this we should give them financial support too rapidly. The Fund decides how to do it. Already changed the order of the regions funds for the implementation of the program. We carefully control how timely and efficiently used in the field of financial support.

Konstantin Bakharev, the correspondent of “RG” in Perm: the authorities Sometimes delay the compensation payments for emergency housing. How to force officials to speed up?

Sergei Stepashin I Hope this is rare. Send us konkr��tnye examples look.

According to our data, in the Perm region is quite successfully running the program of resettlement from dilapidated housing. The region has already implemented the plan this year and running the program in 2021.

Tatiana Dmitrakova: a Month ago, in a building of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, the ceiling collapsed, the woman crushed his leg. There were no serious injuries. Who and how should monitor the timeliness of repairs in houses? How to avoid such incidents?

Sergei Stepashin the Question is very serious. Controls the timely execution of works on capital repairs regional Fund for major repairs.

to avoid situations such as those described, it is necessary that representatives of the State housing Inspectorate of the region and the municipality regularly monitor the total housing stock. In fact, such surveys should take action rapid response.

if the homeowners understand that living in a block of flats life-threatening, they should contact their municipality with a request to recognize their house alarm. Within 30 days the interdepartmental Commission shall review the application, conducts a survey of the building and decides whether a house alarm.

Tatiana Dmitrakova: And at us in Khabarovsk recently collapsed house, which the mayor’s office has repeatedly recognized the subject of reconstruction. Fortunately, no one was hurt. But in the city – dozens of barracks, tenants who are suing the officials for the right to a new apartment. How to deal with such stubbornness of the local authorities? Maybe I should change the rating procedure?

Sergei Stepashin first and foremost, you need to deal with the question: why the houses were suitable for reconstruction. Perhaps these buildings are cultural heritage. We’ll figure it out.

regarding the procedure for the assessment of accidents of buildings, I want to draw your attention to the fact that in 2019 at the initiative of the housing Fund was developed by the rulebook “residential Buildings. Rules for the assessment of emergency and limited-serviceable condition.”

It came into effect on 25 June 2020. And now, for example, the state of apartment buildings up to five floors is examined by visually observable defects of foundations, bearing walls, ceilings and other building structures of the building.

the Survey is conducted prior to the first discovered defect, which meets any criterion of accidents.

Thus, the evaluation procedure of apartment houses was significantly less time consuming, and therefore more available for citizens and municipalities.

the cost of the survey is expected to decline about seven times.