Venus Uncovers Paulina’s Scheme in Family Matters, Confronts Tom’s Ex: ‘You Traitor’

In the 7 pm soap opera, Mancini catches Tom’s ex-girlfriend paying off Patty for the fake setup; find out more! Tom was shocked by the situation and investigated every move Patty made, even doubting the girl. It was thanks to his daughter, Laurinha (Sophia Rosa), that he discovered Paulina’s involvement in the scheme. Without hesitation, the two head to the airport to catch the ex-girlfriend in the act of paying off the young woman for the fake setup. “My God, this can’t be happening. We need to hide, Patty!” Paulina orders. Venus uncovers Paulina’s scheme in Family Matters — Photo: Globo “So it’s true! You and Paulina set this up,” Venus concludes. Mancini runs after Tom’s ex-girlfriend, who tries to escape at all costs. But it doesn’t take long for Venus to corner Paulina: “You’re not going anywhere, you traitor!” On Thursday, June 13th, Netuno/Léo is bothered to see Venus out with Tom. Leda argues with Jupiter. Electra is intrigued by Murilo’s reaction to her request. Jupiter decides that Guto needs to undergo a cosmetic procedure and asks for Andromeda’s help. Nicole manages to get closer to Eva. Jessica moves up Electra’s debut on stage. Tom and Venus search for Paulina and Patty at the airport. Hans considers attacking his cousins again. Guto arrives at Haroldinho and Kleberson’s salon for the supposed cosmetic procedure. Ramon questions Brenda about the setup against Tom. Venus sees Paulina with Patty and pursues her rival. Check out the full summary of the day and the week!

Lucy Ramos portrays Paulina Monteiro in Family Matters.
Nathalia Dill portrays Venus in Family Matters.