“The e. GO Mobile AG today introduced an application for the arrangement of the self-administration of the local court of Aachen. The court has granted the application,” according to the company. The protective shield procedure is a special feature of the insolvency law. Companies under the umbrella are under self-administration, and are for the time being from creditors securely, without having to file for bankruptcy. The company intends to renovate and, in spite of all odds, continue to grow.

“This is a renewed challenge from the outside in, the only five-year history of the e. GO”, soProf. Günther Schuh, CEO of the e. GO Mobile AG. The company had already overcome several setbacks and was last run “of a stable series of high and enthusiastic first-time customers report”, the report says. However, the company has just begun production, moreover, the market launch of the first Mini-delayed-stromer e. GO Life several times. In January, the speech was loud rtl.de of only 540 built cars, much less than originally planned. All of the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test, FOCUS Online/Wochit All the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test

For e. GO no need for state recovery program

“picks up Our mostly strategic investors have supported us up to this point strongly and enables us, as the only Start-Up in Europe to bring Cars on the road. Now that you have understandably have other priorities,“ said Shoe. For the e. GO Mobile is also not a state rescue attack program. “The banks can take the lead in e. GO Mobile, no own shares in the financing,” describes the company’s precarious financial situation. e. Go Mobile AG Instead of small cars, the German electric car Start-Up e. Go want now to build SUVs

electric pipsqueak is not competitive

The Corona-crisis intensified, however, only the basic problem of e. GO: The electric city car e. GO Life with a modest range will cost around 18,000 Euro, of the purchase premium not to participate in the company. In comparison with the more established Mini-Streamers such as the VW E-Up the e. Go is far too expensive to be competitive. Nevertheless, the company wants to expand its product range. At the Geneva automobile salon, which had to be cancelled this year due to the Corona-crisis, wanted to introduce the Aachen a SUV-Version of your car.

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