as Always, the success of electric mobility will be sung. And with good reason: The approval of the Stromer numbers are increasing steadily. Not least, because the car manufacturers are forced by the exhaust gas regulations of the EU, to press the electric vehicles in the market. But the Wind of the E-mobility front is spinning at the Moment: Only 59 percent of electric vehicle drivers would recommend their car, 13 per cent would even advise against explicitly to buy this model. Over a year ago, 77 percent, were full of praise and only six percent negative.

Now the question is, where does this mood change come, and especially as many of the electric drivers are quite enthusiastic about their cars and brands such as Tesla, in fact, in customer satisfaction Rankings good to get away. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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expectations to the electric car

rising, “The vehicles are not become worse, but the expectations have risen. The so-called Early adopters expect that the children are solved diseases in the area of infrastructure and vehicles in the meantime. The reality looks different: The Performance of the vehicles can not keep up with the expectations step,“ said Dr. Axel Sprenger, managing Director of business consulting, USCALE, which has carried out the investigation. press-inform / USCALE USCALE study for electric mobility by 2020

Where the problem might be? The drivers are, especially with the features that make a battery car, dissatisfied. So, it’s things like recuperation, Eco Mode, Navigation, display and control concepts, as well as the Association of the car with an App and everything that goes with it, is lagging behind, especially the German manufacturers.

German manufacturers are in a bad way

Sprenger observes virtues: “The German points in the classical Engineering, such as the insulation of interior noises. Here Tesla comes only with difficulty to the level of a Renault Zoe. Unfortunately, the prejudices are confirmed to digital services: The advantage of Tesla is still great.“ All of the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test, FOCUS Online/Wochit All the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test

loading process, the majority of drivers

a pain In the centre of the critique by the E-mobile users, the control and Monitoring of the charging process: Less than half (43 per cent) of motorists are using these functions is satisfied, the corresponding Connect-Apps, and only 14 per cent, distribute the grade “good”. Especially connection problems were a major pain, more than a third of the users of the Software (36 per cent) and caused, together with the function errors (23 percent), most of the claims. “85 percent of respondents see a massive need for action,” said Dr. Axel Sprenger. press-inform / USCALE USCALE study for electric mobility by 2020

This mood continues through the responses of the approximately 1200 respondents, especially from the Store, many are disappointed. Four out of five drivers had problems with the Store. The difficulties relate to all areas of the current refueling, but especially the Start of the charging process proves to be difficult. When Connecting the charging station to the plug to play a fundamental role. Audi e-tron review: a Great E-car, disappointing range PCP Audi e-tron review: a Great E-car, disappointing range

most Often at home loaded

On the question, which plugs the problems usually occurred, documented the type 2 plug (48 percent) prior to the CCS plug (35 percent) ranks the two inglorious top. This is not surprising, since these connectors are in this country are most widespread. However, it must be observed in this result that the problems can occur more often if you have to repeatedly load the AC (alternating current), than when using a DC-plug (fast charging with direct current). Diesel or Plug-In Hybrid – which is better? The great duel FOCUS Online/Wochit Diesel or Plug-In Hybrid – which is better? The great duel

When Loading, it was observed that the majority of motorists filled their vehicles at home, but public Charging is becoming increasingly important – for example, 23 percent to refuel often on the road to the highway and 61 percent at least sometimes. If the Download didn’t work, changed to a different load column (48 percent) or turned to the Hotline. But also because the satisfaction rate is not overly good. As the cause of the problem, most electric vehicle drivers to give the most technical problems, or defects columns to load. Thus, it seems clear that there is still a lack of the infrastructure and its attributes. Electric car Sound: the Golf GTE against Hyundai Ioniq FOCUS Online/Wochit electric car Sound: the Golf GTE against Hyundai Ioniq

Surprising: the electric vehicle as the noise

interfere with, Interestingly, complained nearly a third of the E-car drivers about the disturbing noises. Apparently, the decibel has papered over level of the internal combustion engine, some of what is striking now. Including wind noise, Crackling, rumbling, rolling sounds of the tires, but also systemic matters, such as the Popping of the battery during the charging process, the pedestrian-Warngeräusch or the characteristic buzzing noise when Accelerating. Masks sew it yourself: firefighters released a simple Video guide on FOCUS Online/News5 masks sew yourself: firefighters released a simple Video guide

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