Where you’re in the market for car insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, health insurance or any type of insurance at all, there are three easy things to look at when deciding the best fit for you. From coverage options and limitations, to ease of use and customer service, these factors should always be taken into consideration along with cost when selecting an insurance company. For more information on how these important factors will help guide your decision, read on.

Coverage Options


Too many people make the mistake of signing up for insurance based on cost alone. Instead of doing their homework on other things, they simply price shop for the lowest quote. Because of this, they often miss the fine print or even coverage options that they could have gotten elsewhere.

Maybe you’re looking for a new homeowner policy. Instead of signing up with the first company to give you an affordable quote, dig deeper. Look at reviews like state farm insurance reviews to see what others are saying about coverage options. Not all insurance companies offer the same coverages, so do what you can to run side by side comparisons of what is and isn’t covered. Think about your personal situation, too. For example, if you live on a farm and need large animals covered, it’s a good idea to search with this as a mandatory requirement. This won’t be an option for some companies and without checking ahead, you could be leaving yourself unprotected.

Perhaps you’re a traveler looking for coverage while you’re overseas. Start by calling the company who covers your rental or homeowner insurance. If you did your research and hooked up with a great company, you might already be covered while traveling. It’s never too late to give your current company a call to see what your coverage options are. If you don’t have traveling coverage, they may be able to add it to your policy now.

Coverage Limitations


For the same reasons that you’ll want to know about coverage options, you’ll also want to look at coverage limitations. While some coverages might even include options like package pricing for insurance on different things, other plans and policies will limit what they’ll be responsible for. Before signing up for insurance, ask about exclusions. The last thing you’ll want to do is sign up for auto insurance and find out after an accident that your policy didn’t cover damage from uninsured motorists, or even Mother Nature.


While calling multiple companies for quotes and options, you’ll likely get many “unknown number” calls. Be sure to research ahead how to find out who called you so you don’t miss any important follow up correspondence. What looks like a scammer could very well be an eager agent from a fabulous company trying to let you know about great new coverage options or limitations.

Ease of Use & Customer Service

Any type of insurance is useless if it’s impossible to file a claim, or if getting in touch with your insurance representative is difficult. When deciding on which type of insurance you want, be sure to ask about ease of access. Ask the potential insurance company what their claim filing policy is, how long it takes to process claims and how to contact them directly with questions and more. Also consider looking at reviews to see what customer satisfaction looks like. You should be able to easily Google reviews online for any top insurance company in the United States. Doing so could save you time and aggravation later.

In the end, how you decide upon your insurance companies is really up to you. Maybe it’s through recommendation by word of mouth, online reviews, or simply going through a licensed health insurance or local agent. By considering coverage options, limitations, customer service and ease of use instead of cost or deductibles alone, you’re sure to be happier in the long run. Happy insurance shopping to you!