cook time: 20 Min. / rest: 4 hours / difficulty level:

< ingredients color food quantity/ 1l of water White vinegar Pink Beetroot 2 PCs 2 TLGrünSpinat 250 g2 TLRotRote Pray Saft250 ml2 TLRosa Cranberrysaft250 ml1 TLBraunZwiebelschalen100 g2 TLLillaBlaubeersaft250 ml2 TLGelbKurkuma4 TL2 TL

the procedure can be Dyed either blown or hard-boiled eggs.
Färbzutaten for the respective color in a pot (Size of pot and quantity of the ingredients according to the egg number that you want to color in the respective color).
White eggs and the pot contents with water to cover.
bring To a boil and simmer for 20 minutes. of
eggs after 20 minutes, carefully take out and place in a heat-resistant container put.
liquid from the pot over the eggs pour, so that you are fully covered.
add A generous dash of vinegar.
let Cool and eggs at room temperature min. 4 hours (best over night) in the Sud leave. The longer the eggs in the broth pull, the more intense the color is.
eggs from the Färbflüssigkeit and let it dry.
Once the eggs are completely RUB the dry eggs with a little Oil to intensify the color. To get Easter eggs with Patterns coloring

a nice pattern, you need one or two Pairs of old tights, scissors, kitchen twine and herbs, or leaves from the garden. White eggs can be painted easier.

Divorce Si the pantyhose into 30 cm long pieces, place the leaf or flower on the Egg, and fold the stocking around the Egg. Then the stocking as tight as possible and pull the end of the twirl.

and Then the egg dye according to the instructions above.

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