stacks After we have been hoarding a mass of toilet paper, especially one at home: empty toilet paper never ends. Instead, you need to throw away, they can also be used for Crafting. This is just as with other things that you would dispose of it otherwise just.

And because it is soon Easter, it is worth to fiddle about with new decoration: cute bunnies, sweet Chicks and colorful eggs. With our five ideas for Crafting with the kids busy for a while, and at Easter the apartment is decorated with a pretty self-made.

Easter bunnies from toilet paper rolls

you need:

toilet paper roll colored paper pen scissors pencil

And this is how it works:

1 adhesive. The roll with glue and sprinkle the colorful paper around the stick. So the hare is stable.

2. They draw on a different piece of colored paper in the shape of ears, a circle for the face and paws. You may also be creative and use different colors to use.

3. Cut out the drawn shapes.

4. Attach the ears, the face and the feet with the glue on the toilet roll.

5. Draw a mouth, eyes and nose on the face. If you have other things at home, which are suitable for the decoration of the rabbit, you can attach like this.

Bunny from paper plates

you need:

paper plates egg carton paper crayon pen

And this is how it works:

1 adhesive. You draw on the paper the shape of Bunny ears, and cut these.

2. Glue them side by side on the plate.

3. Paint the other egg carton crayons, he presents later to the loop of the rabbit.

4. You draw the Bunny face with the pins and glue the colored egg carton at the bottom of the ear on the cardboard plate.

homemade stamp

stamping makes each child with great joy. With self-made stamps makes it all the more Fun. There are two variants: either you are tinkering with potato or toilet paper rolls. Afterwards, greeting cards, drawings, or napkins can be decorated easily.

you need:

potatoes, or toilet paper rolls(knife)acrylic paint paper plates to paper

And the variation goes with the potatoes:

1. Potatoes in the half cut.

2. A pattern considering the you want to stamp and the one with the knife, very carefully cut out. Warning: Allow the children never make it alone!

3. Acrylic colors on the cardboard plate.

4. Potato half in color and dip it on the paper test.

Because the potatoes are round, they are ideal as an Easter egg stamp.

And the variation goes with the toilet-paper rolls:

1. Enter the acrylic paint of your choice on the paper plate and dip one side of the toilet paper roll in the color. So you are stamping then on the desired location.

2. The resulting colorful circles can be painted Chicks with pins, or as Easter eggs to be decorated.

The classic: egg blowing and painting

you need:

eggs for a long, thick needle and/or a shish kebab spies two bowl of water dish soap straw

And this is how it works:

1. Beat eggs with water and detergent, rinse well.

2. At both Ends of the ice with the thick needle or kebab skewer in each case a drill hole. Subsequently, the hole at the blunt end of the egg gently with the needle to increase.

3. The Egg over the bowl and the smaller of the two holes, the pointed end of the ice, with a straw to blow.

4. It may happen that the Yolk remains hanging. Then you can help out with the needle or skewer.

5. The Interior of the ice you can use for cooking. However, it should be quickly used up.

6. It is important that the Egg was blown-in to make out. Otherwise can arise due to the residues in the interior of unpleasant odors. The ordinary Cleaning with lukewarm water and detergent helps. You’re going to take a second bowl in which you mix water with washing-up liquid and the Egg in it diving. Wait until the Egg is fully gone and you have to keep then both holes. You shake the Egg gently, so it will be cleaned thoroughly. Then you get out blow the water, as before, the Interior of the ice, through the holes again.

7. Egg on a kitchen towel and let it dry.

8. The blown-out eggs are dry, they can be painted. There are to buy special egg colors or pens. Actually, any type of felt-tip pens, Fineliner or water colors are but. Funny idea: Write on the eggs of modified quotes from famous Songs, such as “the Egg will always love you”.

Easter showbags

you need:

paper pen glue stick scissors colors

And this is how it works:

1. You draw as a template with a pen the shape of a hare, starting in a corner. Cut out the shape afterwards.

2. Merge the cut-out shape into a cone and glue the Whole thing so that a bag is formed.

3. You draw with colors, a face for the Bunny on the bag. You can also cut the nose, eyes, mouth out of different colored paper and gluing. The colors for the bag can vary.

4. You fill the bag with sweets.

do you Have a craft tip? Write it in the comments.