– the ride one of the “mastodon” – “GAS” the 68-th year, – enthusiastically tells the Manager Lilia. – The owner, a collector of vintage cars, have traveled half the town, until we found – one for the repair were not taken. Need original parts, and where to get them? Recently the same woman Opel repair passed. Our Dima (28-year-old assistant chief engineer – Ed.) – very meticulous. Long been dealing with him, each node went through. But you did it!

the voice of the Manager is given loudly from the walls of the hangar. On the stocks of the van, “Sobol”, “Yandex-taxi” and a couple of cars of varying degrees of risorante. Mechanics are busy in their own business in complete silence exchanged quick gestures. If not for the loud voice of the Lily, here would be quiet as on the sea bottom.

According to Lily, the business guys started in a garage. But there are some volumes? Barely make ends meet took. Then Sergei got acquainted with the family of the hearing-impaired. They suggested to invest in a business their money, rented a hangar, purchased modern diagnostic equipment, plasmart machines. And now stands firmly on his feet and has got its own clientele.

However, first, it was only deaf. A lot of them among the drivers of the Chelyabinsk minibuses and “Yandex-taxi”. The news about opening “their” service station spread in sign language faster than if they reported it on the radio. But then started to drop in and regular clients. Some, seeing the gestures of the mechanics, immediately unfolded. Others left the car and stayed to watch it. In contrast to ordinary mechanics of the blind master never mind if the car owners for them to climb under the hood during operation. All show and for the understanding of the process, even gaining them a text explanation in the phone.

Renault resident of Chelyabinsk Alexander, drove into the service to change the timing belt, the mechanics immediately swarmed, like ants. In a matter of minutes the machine takes to the air, the course is a pneumatic tool, freeing the access to replace the belt. Further replacement have been doing for two chief engineer with the assistant, and the rest come back to repair other machines. All how to exercise combat coordination: sequence of actions worked out in detail and in language support is not needed.

Chief mechanic, 36-summer Sergey Yunter, former racing driver. He is able to speak a little and read lips – lost his hearing after complications of SARS in 12 years. At the same time and was fascinated by cars. Father was a mechanic, Sergei since childhood and began to disappear it in the garage. At the age of 19 he passed my driving test and bought his first car – a barely living “the eight”.

– to Suffer, and restoring it. Then there was the nine, and I began to participate in motor racing, – says Sergey. Actually, a lot of cars – I do not remember everything. Now go to the “Nissan” and ZD��camping in his spare time restoring Toyota Surf 1996. See what beauty? Cog collected!

People for the new service picked carefully. 42-year-old mechanic Vladimir Serkova invited from Magnitogorsk, and now takes to his apartment. The resident of Chelyabinsk Dmitry Bazhenov, despite his youth, already a master of all trades, and most importantly he is very attentive and thoughtful. There are still Ravshan from Tajikistan – it is in the assistants walks. But he, unlike mechanics is not deaf and Leela helps Manager to communicate with customers.

– and work – each in his place, – says Lilia. – Me at first it was not easy: in the evenings with my son started as a gesture to talk – he has his eyes on a forehead got out. And there was a conspiracy. Sergey jokingly I will start very quick gestures to speak. I do not understand, and he laughs – “materiel”!

sign Language Lily, a former fitness trainer, began studying a year ago after an injury which had put an end to professional sports.

– you Need to take is to try to life something new. Someone goes to the mountains or skydiving. I decided to learn a song in sign language – you know, how beautiful? So went to the center for inclusive education, and then with the deaf team even played in the Philharmonic. You know these people? Here we all used to feel sorry for myself: normal guy would lose his job, and two weeks drink. And they, like the steadfast tin soldier… Know how to live, be happy and don’t consider myself anything, not asking favors, don’t stand in line for grants.

however, in Chelyabinsk about the new service is already legendary. The alleged defect in the deaf car mechanics helps to find a sharpened intuition, which they kompensiruet lack of hearing. In fact, it’s not quite true – the master can feel the slightest vibration of the fingertips, and sometimes literally feeling it caused the suspected node. Plus experience, good diagnostic equipment, and do pathological attention to detail.

In the nearest plans – development of business through execution of custom projects, or simply put, individual orders for entry in the car design or design changes. At the Chelyabinsk market of such services still amazing. For development in this direction, the owners of the service and the guys plasmart, which for the given parameters are able to produce any details. However, while only Sergey mastered a new machine, having finished special courses. But as they say, it would wish and… customers.