In France, you have it. The retail chain Auchan has already announced on Sunday evening, a premium of 1,000 euros to 65,000 employees in their stores, in the delivery service and in Store pay. Likewise, the DIY chain Kingfisher. The “unwavering commitment” is the speech – and rightly so. Had called for the French government, taxes, and charges are exempt from the premiums.

Rewe wants more than to pay 20 million euros to its employees

Germany now. The second-largest food retailer Rewe wants to take for all of the employees at Rewe, as well as the group’s own discount subsidiary Penny, about 20 million euros in the Hand. A spokesman confirmed on Tuesday.

“are The quick and unbureaucratic first emergency measures, in order to give our employees a clear message: We are not just saying Thank you for your tireless efforts in this difficult emergency situation, but we honor their commitment at the same time, in a financially significant way”, – stated in the message. These bonus payments are booked as a credit to the staff cards, practically as a net payment to the employees.

Also Lidl and Kaufland pay for services of employees

the 140,000 employees of Lidl and Kaufland receive a Bonus for their busy operation in the Corona-crisis. Every employee in the store, in logistics and in the production companies get in April, a special payment of up to 250 euros, announced on Thursday the Schwarz group, including the two store chains. Overall, the retail giant, the premiums of around 35 million euros in costs.

Lidl Germany boss and Matthias Oppitz and his country counterpart, Ralf Imhof indicate the performance of your employees in the past few weeks as something “Extraordinary”. Similar to a prepaid variant in the case of Rewe, will be paid the bonus payments as vouchers. Aldi-Süd decisions currently an appropriate way to show staff appreciation. Edeka, however, refers to the “individual and pragmatic solutions” for the self-employed entrepreneurs within the group of companies.

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Federal checks tax exemption for employee bonuses

On the political level, is discussed also on a possible tax exemption. Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) to see the “up to a certain degree” as feasible. The trade Association Germany (HDE) was addressed in a letter directly to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) – such employee bonuses are exempt from tax, because the tax burden of the employees anwachse otherwise very strong.

in order for the HDE on Merkel’s thanks to responding to the thousands of employees: “he Who sits in these days at a supermarket checkout, or the shelves filled, the power of one of the most difficult Jobs there are currently. Thank you for being there for your fellow citizens, and literally Running to keep”.

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