For years, the consumer observed Central Hamburg price increases in the trade and the manufacturers of food and other products. This protection on the consumer again and again of a mesh. It is as follows: less content, same price.

to annoy Also Easter, many customers are currently using a product through the “Milka chocolate Easter Bunny”. The is shrunk in this year. Instead of the usual 100 grams of the “grin rabbit Alpine milk” Milka brings it on only 90 grams on the scale. Have to pay customers, nevertheless, as much as in the previous year.

In the case of Lidl, it costs, for example, is currently 1.99 euros – and although there are 10 grams less content. So he has become the bottom line is that at least 11 percent more expensive, the consumer centre of Hamburg. the Therefore, she has chosen the chocolate bunnies of the manufacturer, Mondelez now to the sham of the month. REWE – Your market (indicator) is Now food in the comfort of home to order

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the Greatest Milka chocolate Bunny has the most weight

lost Also other varieties are affected by the downsize. So, for example, the “grin rabbit nut”. He is currently on 95 grams, previously, there were also 100 grams. “Some of the prices are in the trade about two euros, so that the hidden price increase compared to the previous year can be of this strain is even higher,” writes the verb smoke Central. And also the “smaller brother” of the Milka chocolate Easter Bunny would be missing this year, five grams. Sick and tired of 50 grams of it are the chocolate-45 grams. FOCUS MONEY – rich without the work

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The majority of the weight of the largest Milka chocolate Bunny has lost but. The result: Instead of 210 grams, there are only 175 grams of chocolate per rabbit. This corresponds to the same price in the trading of a hidden price increase of 20 percent. “Unfortunately, we were not able to prove without a doubt that the shrinkage has taken place this year. It is quite possible that Mondelez has reduced the size of the hare last year,“ the consumer advocates, however.

Mondelez, the demand of the consumer center

The request that an opinion differs Mondelez was not complied with. The billion group, have an incomplete and evasive answer, the consumer advocates and to quote from the Letter: “(…) this year, we have expanded our Paschal product range and the Design of our classics revisited. We have standardised the weights of our hollow figures in all of Europe. The Milka grin rabbit is in season 2020 in the variants of 45 grams, 90 grams and 95 grams (nut and Crunchy), as well as 175 grams of commercially available. (…).“

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