“Don’t talk to my wife”: Young mother surprises husband at work and is left distraught

A young woman shows up at her husband’s work unannounced and experiences an unpleasant surprise that leaves her quite disturbed.

The children are at school, a young mother (in her late 20s) doesn’t have much to do and decides to visit her husband at work. She wants to surprise him and bring him something to eat, but then something goes wrong. The young woman shares her experiences on Reddit.

“I went and asked about him, and the receptionist, who had been working there for years, and I chatted for a bit, then she called him and said I was here to see him.”

She then went to her husband’s office. There she met a man sitting at a desk who addressed her by name. “Hello, how are you?” he asked friendly. The young woman replied “Hello.”

This scene was witnessed by her husband. He stood up, waved the clerk over, sat down and closed the door. “It was an empty booth, so I sat down and just waited until I heard her,” the woman said.

She describes the conversation between her husband and the employee as follows: “He says: ‘Don’t talk to my wife, she’s not a colleague you can talk to.’ The clerk replies, “I just wanted to say hello.” The husband says: ‘Greet your colleagues, my wife is not your colleague, don’t talk to her.’ In the end, her husband let the colleague out of the office and smiled at her as if she hadn’t heard the entire conversation.

The woman is left confused and asks the Reddit community: “I don’t know what to think about this. I’ve never seen him act so controlling but I guess it’s just a work thing, I didn’t think it was very inappropriate.”

The reaction from the Reddit community is pretty clear. “It’s not just a matter of work. Your husband is obviously massively insecure and jealous. Does the guy who greeted you happen to be good looking? I hope he complains to HR because this is completely inappropriate and shitty. “I would appreciate employees who take the time to greet and chat with my wife, rather than the opposite,” one says.

“While most of us have to act differently and be a different version of ourselves at work, the way we treat others outside the home is also a reflection of how we are at home. If he treated a coworker like that, I would really question what kind of man I married,” commented another.

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