It is April and it is getting warmer. The a like to renovate, the other gets his garden ready for spring. And also more people are at home than usual. Somehow, it makes sense to make your own four walls and the Around pretty. However, in some States, the DIY store for a Private closed-customers.

Where to DIY

are closed In some of the länder, the garden and DIY stores were forced to close – in:

  • Bavaria
  • Sachsen
  • lower Saxony since 4. April re-opened for private customers
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

the Opening of the construction and garden markets for private customers in lower Saxony, after nearly two-weeks have formed on Saturday, long queues in front of shops in lower Saxony. Well before the store opening at 8: 00 in the morning a number of people would have respected employee, however, distance. “It’s all quiet. So far we have no missions,” it said in the police of Braunschweig, Germany. Also in Hannover, Oldenburg and Osnabrück, the police were known until the early afternoon, no special events.

Due to the expected high demand, and the risk of infection with the Coronavirus, many markets set up rules. There is a customer to an average of ten square meters, the following applies: Max. In front of a business in Osnabrück controlled by the security forces to the entrance area and let customers to only one at a time with previously disinfected shopping enter the car. In far distance from each other, the customers lined up to part with the Mouth guard between the shut-off fences in the Parking lot.

so Far, had allowed to go shopping because of the Corona protection measures only traders in the home improvement stores in lower Saxony. This changed with a on Saturday and entered into force regulation.

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access controls in hardware stores

in other States, the DIY store for private clients. There are, however, intake controls. For example, in the case of Obi in NRW. In order to prevent that too many customers at the same time in the market. Only under strict safety regulations stores must since the new decree, nor private customers in. First of all, they remain for craftsmen and traders open.

it’s not for everybody. A case of food shows: last Saturday police had been called in to officials, according to the message there is a hardware store. He wanted to reduce the risk of Infection and has therefore limited its number of visitors. According to police, a 63-year-old client wanted to gain in spite of the security rule, forcibly entered and pushed an employee to the ground. The 26-Year-old suffered minor injuries. The man I now await a criminal case.

CDU-man warns Baumarkt-tourism

Even at the hardware stores at the Bavarian border in Baden-Württemberg is currently turbulent. They experienced a veritable onslaught. Many took advantage of, apparently, the offer is there, because in your state the construction markets were already tight.

“people buy everything there is with us. Balcony plants as well as laminate flooring and gas cylinders,” said an employee of the home improvement chain Bauhaus. “I guess you can buy to bring the house or the garden in the coming weeks on the front man.” Many customers were also above average with stock, criticized them. “Everyone would understand, and only buy what he needs in these times, really, the situation would be more relaxed.”

Who wants to escape the Chaos, can the. dpa/Nicolas Armer/dpabild customers of the construction market are in the early afternoon in large intervals in front of the entrance of the store.

Minister of economic Affairs Harry Glawe (CDU), has called on the people in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which in the opened DIY megastores with garden centers in the state of Brandenburg, Schleswig – Holstein or lower Saxony. Citizens should think of your health and to the economy in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, said Glawe on Saturday the channel NDR 1 Radio MV. The people should rather strengthen the local economy. the

garden accessories, color and co. buy online at the hardware store

Obi offers in the markets, for the protection of its employees, anyway, no advice service. However, customers can now clarify questions via Video Chat. After that, many things can be ordered online and delivered to your home. The use of probably already some customers. The home improvement retailer informed customers that it could come to be very long. A room to renovate, in the garden

Potter around The markets of Bauhaus are opened in Bavaria, Saxony and lower Saxony, only for craftsmen with proof.

Otherwise, the following applies: “you Make only purchases that are really necessary to keep for the protection of all the security measures,” a safety distance of 1.5 meters. Well, sometimes a little thing is a maybe important. Here, too, there is an Online offer. It can come to longer delivery times, but avoiding unnecessary contact with other people. By the way: Reserve and Pick up is not possible at the moment.

florists criticize unequal treatment in Corona-times

the garden centres and DIY stores are in many States still open, while many customers, the trade Association of German florists (FDF) but. He criticized that, in the light of the Corona-pandemic for flower shops have stricter regulations. “It is intolerable that DIY stores and Garden centers may still be open, and the small flower shops don’t,” said the Executive Director of land Association of Rhineland-Palatinate, Karl-Heinz Schober. This is just for the small owner-managed business “is difficult – and especially not to understand.”

discounters offer garden tools to

Meanwhile, find garden friends both on and off of the DIY stores currently help. So Lidl offers, for example, a garden tool. This means that grocery shopping can go a hobby gardener and co. Monday, 23. March, save. To find the offers in the Online Shop and the stores (display). An electric lawn mower for 74,99 Euro (display), a hedge trimmer for 44,99 Euro (display), or a charcoal Grill for 89.99 Euro (display), for example, in the Online offer. Also decorative items, plants, rubber boots and work equipment, there is mounting at the discounters (display). Garden accessories and more

warning: Selected products, there are only online or only in the store. Learn best advance here.

Who has not found the Right, might look from Thursday at Aldi in. Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord offer garden furniture, barbecue, and flowers of the earth, but primroses or daisies büschchen. Here, you can also have products delivered, and often even in the market. Especially in times of Corona that seems even more enticing. Tip: Online

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in Addition, there are also smaller providers, which now offer their Goods on the Internet. See if the shop you trust is now offering online Goods and supplies. Many try to survive in the crisis.

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