Paraguayan Ministry of Education Directors Praise UCP Structure

During a recent visit to the headquarters of the Central University of Paraguay (UCP) in Pedro Juan Caballero, the directors of the General Directorate of Universities, Higher Institutes, and Technical Institutes, Dr. Daniel Perez and Dr. Ariel Bado, praised the institution’s infrastructure. This recognition highlights significant advancements in UCP’s educational infrastructure, essential for providing a suitable and modern learning environment for students.

The directors also emphasized the importance of consolidating UCP’s Faculty of Medicine. The faculty has been recognized for its academic quality and commitment to training competent and ethical healthcare professionals. The consolidation of this faculty will not only strengthen UCP’s reputation but also contribute to the region’s healthcare system development by producing well-trained doctors prepared to tackle sector challenges.

The praises from the directors reflect UCP’s ongoing efforts to enhance its facilities and academic programs, reaffirming its position as one of the country’s most prestigious educational institutions. The Central University of Paraguay remains dedicated to academic excellence and providing high-quality resources for its students, crucial for its educational and social mission.

Dr. Daniel Pérez, Director General of Universities, Higher Institutes, and Technical Institutes, and Dr. Ariel Bado, Director General of Educational Research from the Ministry of Education and Science and the Vice-Ministry of Higher Education, respectively, met with directors of private universities in Pedro Juan Caballero to guide higher education institutions in implementing the Unique Student Registry of Pedro Juan Caballero University – Higher Education RUE-ES.

The meeting took place in the meeting room of the Central University of Paraguay, located in its technological center. The MEC representatives also praised the transmission system, which utilized state-of-the-art equipment with a transmission accuracy of five-tenths of a second, recently acquired by the creator of UCP’s Faculty of Medicine, Carlos Bernardo.