do not expect The good news first: A contagion on packages or letters according to the WHO. A risk of infection, however, there is a messenger at the contact between the package and the receiver. In order to reduce this and to protect both staff and customers, the package of services with a lot of ideas.

All the information about the spread of the Coronavirus you can watch here live: Coronavirus outbreak in the News Ticker – world medical President: crisis will last at least until the end of the year

Hermes: Acknowledge new thought

to replace the Acknowledge on the Scanner, works Hermes no later than Tuesday morning with an acknowledgement by photo evidence. Is photographed, not about the recipient, but the signature. With the pen, you write on the package, the courier will then take a picture of it. In a Video Hermes has described the procedure accurately. “We have managed to bring this new solution within a few days of the idea, through development to operations,” said Marco Schlüter, Hermes Germany.

Even safer is to avoid contact completely. To do this, you can select on the website the “request location”.

Despite the many restrictions imposed by the Corona-crisis Hermes continue to guarantee a problem-free delivery: “Currently we have no restrictions or delays in the delivery in Germany.” Also, the package stores will remain opened as far as possible. The company expects the operation of 70 to 80 percent of the stores, since they were well integrated in the facilities of the basic service. Which Shops have open the parcel-shop-Finder function to find out.

DHL: deliveries without restrictions

Also, DHL is the Acknowledgement of reception avoids to the Scanner. This means that the driver will be ringing, the package passes, and then self-sign it. So the supply chain continues to be traceable and the risk of Infection is minimized.

Who does not want to, can the packages but also in the branch or equal to a packing station, send. In the case of home delivery, DHL will ask the customer to provide a Parking permit, so that offered no contact between the recipient and the package.

post offices and DHL parcel shops will remain predominantly

opened in Germany, according to the group, no material limitations. “In the case of international shipments, due to the current Situation, the duration, delays or limitations,” the notice on the Website. Which countries are specifically affected, you can read here.

A major part of the post offices and DHL parcel shops remains open, says DHL on its website. Currently, it is however possible that some of the Opening times change, even for the short-term.

DPD: packages in the mail box

in the Same way as DHL, DPD, until further notice, waives the acknowledgment by the Scanner. In addition, smaller packets may be dropped for the time being, in the letter box. Here, too, the opportunity to choose a desire location is given, the Option “storage OK”.

After DPD parcel-shops were in the short term, is neither to pick up nor delivery available, open from Wednesday many. What they are, it removes the parcel-shop Finder on the website. The extra options “request-parcel-shop” and “wish-neighbor” are not available at the moment.

domestic work, the delivery for the most part: “Currently, there are no known limitations in package shipping within Germany. All the package centres of DPD to work in full”, it means by the service provider. In the case of package deliveries abroad due to border controls, but to delays.

UPS: These postcodes are subject to restrictions

Even with UPS for the time being, acknowledging the deliverer, even the package delivery. The group announces some limitations due to the pandemic.

  • delays : Due to the current circumstances is the occurrence of delays. Are meant, for example, border controls and local protective regulations.
  • Closed locations: “Some parcel deliveries may be due to the closure of shops and Establishments or as a result of restrictions in different zip codes is not possible. In this case, the packets to the sender to be of skill,” said a UPS spokesman. Which sites are still open, the website, which is updated regularly.
  • money-back guarantee exposed: With effect from the 26. March and until further notice, the money-back guarantee (or UPS service guarantee) for all shipments suspended.
  • Here will be accepted only prepaid packages: Currently must be delivered in some areas, packages with labels. The labels can be found online and printed out ordered. The postal code 41800 until 41899, as well as from 52000 to 52599.

Amazon: Longer delivery times due to prioritization of important divisions

a majority of the currently sent packets, it will be well to Online purchases. So Amazon is, at present, more Online purchases than otherwise. As a consequence, the group decided that some of the strongly requested to prioritize product groups: Including baby products as well as drugstore and budget are in addition to food items. Also pet supplies and everything for industry and business will continue to be delivered.

So these products should be processed faster in the warehouse and dispatched to the customers. These measures apply to the 05. April. In the result, some are non-essential products with long delivery times available. Up to a month, this can last, so this Check has revealed. Now save money online with vouchers, order (display)

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