– In some places there are no sidewalks at all, and people are walking along the road. It’s not safe. The possibilities of the local budget do not allow us to repair the sidewalks, ” said Yuri Sablin, deputy head of the Iskitimsky district.

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the region joined in solving the issue. They turned to the governor Andrey Travnikov for help.

– The Novosibirsk region has additionally allocated one billion rubles for the repair of schools, kindergartens, and so on. We appealed to the head of the region with a request to send part of the money to Iskitim and Berdsk, where the problem of dilapidated sidewalks and roads is acute. We received approval in one day, – Irina Didenko noted.

As a result, Iskitim will receive 7 million rubles from the regional budget for road works, and Berdsk – 10 million rubles.

– Only sidewalks will be repaired in Iskitim. Five million rubles will be spent on filling streets in the private sector, another five-on asphalting sidewalks. We plan to finish all the work by mid-October, ” Valery Badin said.

There are plans to put the sidewalks in order on seven streets: Prorabskaya, Sovetskaya, Revolution, as well as the streets of the Zarechny microdistrict, this is the private sector. The list includes Gogol, Nekrasov and Lime.

The deputies emphasize that the result was achieved thanks to well-coordinated work.

– With the support of State Duma deputy Alexander Zhukov, an additional billion rubles were allocated to the region, then the deputies of the ZS joined, indicating to the governor the urgent need of the residents of the Iskitimsky district, – Irina Didenko noted.

Deputy Ilgiza Lotfullina identified another problem in Iskitim and Iskitim district – the roadway itself requires urgent repair there.

– For example, there is no road to Lozhok at all. And there is a church, a museum and a holy spring. This is our story. A lot of tourists from different parts of the country go there, ” Ilgiza Lotfullina noted.

The deputies are confident that this project will also be implemented, because the matter has already been moved from the dead point.

Recall that at the end of July, with the support of Alexander Zhukov, a State Duma deputy from the Novosibirsk region, the Novosibirsk region received a subsidy of a billion rubles. At an unscheduled meeting, Governor Andrey Travnikov discussed with deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk Region and the Council of Deputies of Novosibirsk the directions for the development of which these funds will be directed. A joint decision was made that the money will be used for filling roads in the private sector, repairing sidewalks, equipment for schools and social housing for doctors and teachers.