Demand for real estate in Sochi has increased by 20

the Fall of the ruble has forced Russians to invest in property on the Black sea. Analysts record growth in requests from the beginning of March. For Novorossiysk and Tuapse it is insignificant – 2-3%, but for Anapa he already is 7%, for Noumea – 12%, and for Sochi and does 21%.

“the events of recent weeks have shown that no one is secured from force majeure. Borders can close, UPS of people to change overnight. And today, many Russians turned its gaze to Sochi, because it is an opportunity to buy property near the sea, but in his country, and in rubles,” – says Islam Kazakov, Director General of the office MIEL “In Sochi.”

“Every other purchaser of housing in Sochi — a resident of Moscow or St. Petersburg. Perhaps that is why the town has a high demand even for expensive new buildings, – says Pavel Lutsenko, Director General of the Federal portal “World apartments”. – At least popular budget accommodation and malogabaritki. The price of Sochi regular market growing faster than in other cities of Russia. “Primary” in terms of proposals bypassed “secondary” and almost caught up with her on the level of prices.”

the Average cost of apartments in Sochi is 8 million rubles. At this price you can buy “kopeck piece” area of 71 sq. m. only 500 metres from the sea. Or even three years 75 sqm in an old house, but again with designer renovation and furniture. The cheapest apartment, for example, the Studio-“resale” is 15 square meters with bathroom and kitchen area will cost 900 thousand rubles, and renovated 13 sq. m without finishing-in 1 million roubles. For 3.5 million rubles, you can already count on two-level “odnushku” with renovated in the center of the city, or duplex “kopeck piece” in the new building without finishing.

the Average cost of apartments in Gelendzhik – 5,8 million roubles. Around this price here you can find “odnushku” 48 sq m in the city centre in a new building with all furnishings and sea-view; two-room apartment in the monolithic house, total area 60 sq m kitchen 14 square meters; one bedroom with a size of 53 sqm, in 7 minutes from the sea.

the Average price tag in Anapa – 4 million rubles.