Cultural figures signed an appeal to the mayor to protect the Patriarch's ponds

it is Curious that from the point of view of the formalities for the Patriarchal, everything is calm. According to the documents inside the pavilion is being renovated, after which there will open a new premium-class restaurant. The Department of cultural heritage has repeatedly warned the developer about the inability to change the appearance of the pavilion without the consent of the authority, the owners of the building agreed and publicly repeatedly assured that there are no plans for add-ins or other visible outside of the reconstruction they have.

No, at the moment, and orders of OATI, necessary for reconstruction. In the letter of OATI, which was sent to local resident Alexander Barker on 1 April, the office reported that the warrant for the work suspended — as the scaffolding also requires the approval of the Department of cultural heritage. But because of reconstruction, as stated by the developer, not talking. And the head of Council of Presnensky area Alexander Mikhailov at the online meeting with the residents on April 3 said that the reason to suspend the works had not. “This building is detached, the contact with the tenants there, – explained the official. – All who are inside and carry out ongoing activities to comply with recommendations for isolation and for conducting construction works”.

No redevelopment plan exists, confirmed “MK” representatives of the owner of the pavilion. The existence of such plans is not known and in those urban authorities, to put on a post to know about them — for example, in the architectural Committee. Then why worry the public is Patriarchal? As they say — on the totality of the circumstances. First, for the Builder, one of the largest in Moscow holdings, which owns commercial property — a characteristic of almost complete opacity in relations with the public. Secondly, about a year ago in the Network leaked a 3D rendering of the proposed project add — in which, however, the owners of the pavilion does not recognize false.

Given these argumentsyou, the concerns of the inhabitants of the Patriarchal that during the April holidays the main works associated with the construction of the glass superstructure, which, as it is written in the address of artists, will transform the pavilion into a “cumbersome and ugly construction” can not be called unreasonable. In the end, this is the traditional behavior of developers — it is a long weekend (January and may), the monitoring of the city’s protectors are the days of high risk, when unscrupulous developers without the consent of the city being demolished (fully or partially) hinder them from the old buildings, and then pay a fine and remain in the black.

But… “They still do not understand that nothing contacted the residents of the Patriarch, – has told in conversation with “MK” Elena Tkach, coordinator of “the Coalition in protection of Moscow”, is actively involved in the story. – What is happening now is only the beginning.” Perhaps in this case, the Builder plans clean. Unfortunately, in such matters the presumption of innocence operates only in law, but not in the social sense, and to extinguish the tension, the developer may only one way. To speak before citizens and show them the plans for the renovation — or is it reconstruction? – pavilion. It is so simple — if developers have nothing to hide.