the temple Door half-open, the check-in softer than before, but apparently not from Prokhladny – we learned in the face. Journalists slightly more than a dozen, the chorus much more powerful us presence, but he’s actually on the balcony, and here, for ribbons, just us.

the Temple when the priests and the journalists with cameras! Seems to be impeccable elite singing choir fills every cubic centimeter of the sacred space, and the Patriarch and his Protodeacon are always loud, clear and strong reading, but the temple no parishioners present some additional it engenders emptiness and hollowness. You can hear every extraneous sound like a careless click of the phone, causing the delinquent to blush and hastily look for the mode “without sound”.

Photo: Sergey Pyatakov / RIA Novosti Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church: In the temples is service, and the congregation is praying at home

on the other hand, this void to which you can join. And you feel the accession of a vast number of people praying at home, sitting at TVs and monitors or reading “the continuation of home making”. This feeling its resonance of patriachy service never leaves you all the time.

the Patriarch is quite another person than 5 days ago. Not huge like a cargo holding sadness. No notes of rigidity, clearly flashed in his face during the service for the Annunciation. This time, despite prescriptive prohibitions sanitary large letters, it is surprisingly quiet and peaceful. His face reflects not the height of dignity and not even the depth of responsibility, and it seems the best that reflects the face of the man – God’s idea of it. And the purpose of this writing is visible where there is no freedom and peace.

“Like nothing happened”, that is, perhaps, the key to that mood, which is PATRIARH. Although the window – the plague. Pray for deliverance from him. And once again convinced of the usefulness of the Church Slavonic language. “Coronavirus” in the Church’s prayer would have sounded alien and lexically neuroprothesis. “The plague” – more poetic. But worse. Moore is still Moore – indiscriminate death. Go figure, where is the euphemism, where a direct indication.

Tears in that service find eye more often than in times without outbreak. For example, when you hear a favorite from the gospel of the washing of Christ’s feet by a woman, shedding on his feet with a precious perfume, macusa their tears and othersa hair. And at the rebuke of Judas (Miro too expensive) and the Pharisees ( woman with sexual experience) the response of Christ – because she did me, she will be remembered wherever the gospel is preached. You used to hurry up and otrubyami passages from the Gospels, you realize yourself a part of something that lasts “forever.” And standing in a half-empty temple, like the x-rays. All namozolivshih your soul falls off, and irritated voices of colleagues, and finding you here on the phone, are distilled by high sounding prayers.

I Feel like instead of the auditorium he found himself in the frame. And what you say, think, do, whisper, will have an important echo.

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS a Church service will be held in Moscow without parishioners

Suddenly get close pictures that never close in the crowded temple. So suddenly I notice in the depths of the dark altar a large clock with a swinging pendulum, which cannot be seen in ordinary days because of the abundance of servants. Watch at the altar – almost a mandatory thing, but these seem to be a direct illustration of the words “what time in the yard”. Yes, such a time. Coloring this service in the temple in CEEt a memorable one.

my blessing to commune, and if the last time I shertalai from texting and refiners about the possibility to confess, this time just praying. God, what I have and what else could it be, what would be more important to You?

And suddenly, the guard changes the tone of reproaches for friendly attention, and the priest comes out from somewhere and takes your piece of paper with a confession. And now his epitrakhil on your head, and you as of itself to be on the knees, which increases the distance between us until required by sanitary regulations. Probably, these services will never. Or will not be long. Maybe a century.