they accompanied us through difficult and good times, never leaves us in the lurch, music is a balm for the soul. Even on the worst of days, it is possible for the music to cheer us up. As soon as the first tones of our favorite song, from the eyes of the world but again a bit better.

right now, where we spend due to Corona so much time at home, no social contacts are possible, and this beats everything on the mind, are such a musical mood enhancer needed. The life-Team of VIEW has compiled his favorites.

the Top Hits for the way out of the motivation deep –

– Vanessa Büchel (27), the editor of life

While I initially had my difficulties with it, that life is happening now, only in a very small environment, I have found a way to push my Motivation for everyday life. When I short a Low, I turn on my current favorite song. If I schwertue me, to make Sport, I get my motivation through motivational Songs. And if I just want to be alone with my thoughts, even the right Soundtrack to help me out.

“Goliath” from Smith & Thell

“Out Of The Woods” by Tayor Swift

“WYA” by Carlie Hanson

rock songs to switch Off in the Pause

Sonja Zaleski-grains (28), trainee life

especially in the breaks, I realize how well music is doing. With the right background music can I get free directly back to the head, can completely switch off and collect new ideas. In particular, if one uses the pause time for a walk, what as a dog owner, of course, anyway. After a few rocking Songs in the fresh air, the new energy for the rest of the working day in your home office all by itself – is included in a good mood!

“Rain” by The Cult

“Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses

“Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones

music for the plaster Party

Bettina Widmer (28), team leader, Department of life

I rarely listen to music while working, but I like to listen to music while Cleaning and tidying. I have thanks to self-isolation suddenly quite a lot of time. And with the right Beats, it cleans itself almost on its own. Music, crank it up, and from the Party!

“Honey” 070 Shake

“Dancing Barefoot” by Patti Smith

“Light Years” from The National


Debora Baumann (19), Intern view in the evening

Once in the Morning, the below listed songs to play and I guarantee you will be singing with the dishes in the evening. I personally love it when the whole family is twisted in the beginning the eyes, but hours later my Songs from the full throat singing along. Earwigs can be a nuisance, but as a cohesion and Fun in the household, they will be a blessing.

“99 balloons” by Nena

“Country Roads” by John Denver

“The Red horse” by Markus Becker

music for the heart

Caroline Fux (38), a view Sexologist

Somehow all seem to complain about the Lockdown with his loved ones in a confined space endure. But what is with all those who have pain heart, because you can’t see your love? Or are there no more? Those people, I submit the following song to the heart. Because you Miss to Dream and to, and because sometimes it is just great, not to cheer up, but to wallow in his Heartbreak just a little bit and sink it.

“So Far From Me” Brett Dennen

“Gotta Have You” by The Weepies

“My Favorite Ex” by Maisie Peters

Eat, sleep, repeat

– Anne Grimshaw (23), editor-in-Soda/life

For Stube höckler inside of me everyday is actually not so much different than before. From time to time the loneliness hits, however, and I’m wallowing in self-pity. As well, there is the perfect Soundtrack to it! If it is, (to provide exceptional) again, for example, allow me to Streetlight Manifesto aufhüpfen. And when I cook, I’m also not alone: The Schlieremer Chind help with the cooking and arouse childhood memories.

“Lemon Tree” by Fools Garden

“What A Wicked Gang Are We Below” by Streetlight Manifesto

“schlaraffe country” of the Schlieremer Chind

beloved Songs

– Barbara Ehrensperger (44), editor-in-Green

honestly, as a mother, in a Four-person household: No music, I think currently the Largest! Because thanks to Spotify for all to hear here at my house music all day. And most of the same song in Endless loop. Yes, I am thankful that it is no longer Schnappi “– The little crocodile” …

“When I Kissed the Teacher” by ABBA

“TNT” by AC/DC

“Popcorn” by Crazy Frog

What are some Off your favorite songs to Work, or for a good mood? You write in the comments.