alcohol is supposed to help by disinfection against Corona. But that was not meant to be safe …

Half of Germany sits in the home office. And every day we get Status Updates from friends, colleagues and Acquaintances in the Social media Timelines flushed: a glass of champagne here. The beer on the terrace there.

Some also bluntly questions as: “how much clock is it’s actually okay to open the Rosé?”

we ask ourselves the question: we all Drink more alcohol because of the Corona-crisis?

and because of loneliness, because of screaming children, because of Stress and Corona-concerned about the loved one … there is No reason to shame: Even the Chancellor has in these times four bottles of wine in the shopping. White twice, Red twice.

A few days before your Corona-quarantine Angela Merkel (65, CDU) went in a Berlin supermarket shopping photo:

wine expert and book author Knut Bergmann analyzed the wine-election of the Chancellor by the way: “The wine is worthy of the predicate ‘rather modest’, as the Chancellor is. The red wine is a pleasing Italians from Piedmont, the gesture as one of Solidarity with the Coronavirus so strongly affected the Northern Italian Region can point to.“

the Numbers

The App will “Bring say!” has the shopping behaviour of approximately one Million people in Germany from 16. February 2020 up to and including 22. March 2020 analyzed. One of the results: The sale of legal drugs has increased sharply.