noodles, almost everyone has at home. They are nutritious and quickly and easily prepared with Sauce. Hand-made Pasta tastes even more delicious than the ordinary in the supermarket purchased. But it also has its price. Who schnabuliert like freshly made pasta, you should create a Hand.

Many take the do-it-yourself Pasta a pasta machine to help. If you don’t have one, no Problem. Even without the Pasta can be prepared. It just requires strong arms and a lot of patience.

a Simple pasta dough

ingredients (4 servings)

300 g







mix The flour with the salt in a bowl. Eggs.Everything carefully mix until a crumbly mass is formed. It is best to use a fork or the fingers. Knead on the lightly floured surface with lightly moistened hands for about five to ten minutes to a smooth, supple dough more. As long as knead until the dough is matt shiny. Roll the dough into a ball. Then in a kitchen towel or cling film wrap and at room temperature for about 30 minutes, let it rest. Vegan Alternative

the not must Who abstain from eating any animal products, homemade Pasta. There are also recipes without eggs. For the vegan version, the eggs are replaced simply by water. You will need the following ingredients:

150 g

wheat flour

150 g

durum flour

150 ml

cold water



the forms of Pasta

For the forms of pasta is the wheat can be quartered in a first step, the ball of dough. Each of these four pieces should then be rolled as thin as possible, two to three millimeters thin.

Depending on the variety of Pasta different utensils are needed. For Tagliatelle or Pappardelle, you need only a knife. A dough roller can be used for other varieties as well. For Ravioli, small jars are best, round cookie cutters or ice-cube form.

instructions for lasagna sheets Ausgewaltzen batter crop as you need it for the casserole dish.

roll out The dough oblong.Good flour, and then roll together. With a knife carefully cut into slices. Depending on the width of the different type of Pasta dry: three mm for Tagliolini, seven mm for Tagliatelle and two and a half inches for Pappardelle results. The resulting VA-Jay-Jay rolls apart.

ensures that The rolled thin dough with a dough roller (for a pretty edge) or a pizza cutting knife lengthwise into strips. The elongated strip into smaller sections. Depending on how large the Farfalle to. The cut four corner together in the middle press.

The slightly larger rolled dough and trim as the ice cubes form. You need two parts.One of the two trimmed pastry sheets on the ice form. The dough gently in the recesses of the mold press. The dough must not reach to the bottom of the Form.A teaspoon of filling in a mould. Edges between compounds with a water brush.With the second dough sheet, cover and all edges and connections, and press well. Form turning and Ravioli with a pastry roller or pizza knife to cut apart. Something not flour, so they stick. Noodles dry and store

The self-shaped pasta can be used in salt water prepared. They can be cooked immediately, you only need about one to two minutes, until they are cooked.

Who does not want to cook but rather, the can also dry and store. To make the Pasta is durable, and place on a wooden Board or parchment paper. The longer pasta should be hung. This can be done by using a clothesline or a drying rack. The oven grating can also be used. There are also special Pasta rack to Dry.

The pasta should then be twelve to 24 hours to dry so you will have a long shelf life. The cooking time is three to five minutes longer. The Ravioli form due to the filling an exception: they should be rapidly consumed.