The highly anticipated hero shooter developed by Firewalk Studios, Concord™, is now available for pre-order, both at usual retail outlets and on the PlayStation®Store and PlayStation Direct. The title will be released on PlayStation®5 and PC on August 23.

Those who pre-order Concord™ now will receive access to the game’s Beta version (available for PS5™ and PC in July) for themselves and their friends (5 codes); and also the Monarch Pack, which includes a Monarch Frontliner sniper skin from Vale and a Dead Reckoner weapon skin pack. The game will have a Standard Edition (available in physical and digital formats), which includes the full game for PlayStation®5 and costs €39.99 (estimated RRP) and a Digital Deluxe Edition (available in digital format) which, in addition to the full game for PS5™, also includes 16 character skins, 72 hours of early access, and the Monarch Pack. This is available for €59.99.

It is important to note that the video game features the crew of Northstar, a group of mercenary gunslingers known as the Freegunners, who roam the galaxy of Concord accepting high-risk missions and facing other crews for rewards.

Here, players can choose from powerful, mystical, and massive robots to skilled gunslingers and snipers, combining abilities to adapt their team strategy. Concord™ aims to create an adventure-filled atmosphere with unforgettable moments of maximum tension to enjoy with friends, in a finely tuned and balanced FPS to enjoy from the get-go. Each Freegunner’s abilities are designed so that every type of player can enjoy, from those new to the genre, to players seeking a competitive game at the highest level.

In addition to getting to know the Northstar crew through the game, their stories will be revealed in cinematic vignettes that will debut in the game every week after launch. These brief cinematics will feature narrative arcs that will develop the characters’ stories and relationships.

At launch, Concord™ will have a selection of 16 distinct Freegunners, whose crew will grow through frequent and free updates following the release that will include new playable Freegunners, maps, modes, cinematic vignettes, among others.

It is worth mentioning that, recently, in the latest episode of State of Play, new images of the game were revealed, showing a glimpse of its universe, story, and characters – check it out here. Concord™ is “a love letter to science fiction adventures, inspired by the art, anime, series, and movies we love the most,” said Ryan Ellis, game director at Firewalk Studios, in the episode.