Commander, President Biden’s canine companion, will make his TV debut during the ‘Puppy Bowl.

Biden’s German shepherd, Jill, will be joined by Biden in a video message about pet care during Sunday’s broadcast on Animal Planet. Commander, President Joe Biden’s puppy, will also make his television debut on Sunday.

Biden’s German shepherd, Jill, will be joined by the German shepherd in a video message on pet love. The broadcast of Sunday’s “Puppy Bowl VIII” on Animal Planet will feature the pair. The video was tweeted by the first lady on Thursday.

Both contests will take place on Monday, the day before Valentine’s Day.

“Hi there. “Hi there. I’m Jill Biden. Here at the White House with Commander, our new puppy,” the first lady states. “You know, Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday because it’s all about love,” the first lady says. Commander is beside her in a gray turtleneck sweater.

She adds, “What’s so great about pets is that they bring us unconditional love and joy every day.” We all wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.

Another clip shows them playing in a White House hallway. Champ and Major, the family’s German shepherds were there to surround her in that ad.

Champ passed away last year. Major is now living in Delaware, having behaved aggressively at The White House.

Willow, a cat called Willow, was recently adopted by the Bidens.