Particularly in a crisis situation, such as the one we are experiencing today, for the first Time, it is important to take action, the people, car drivers and industry at the same time, to Good. We must as far as possible to ensure fast, efficient, but also sustainable for a normalcy in the society and the economy.

car is currently the safest form of transportation

The car plays a very important role. It is already in Germany the most used means of transport. In reality, the Corona, with the crisis in the car is the safest means of transport, which protects against possible infection with the Virus in the broadest sense. However, both the mobility of people as well as the industry are currently heavily restricted, and high requirements subject to. It is, therefore, to defuse as quickly as possible, some restrictions and measures of the Federal government and also some of the requirements of the European Union or to postpone to a later date, to ensure the mobility of citizens and to relieve industry, automotive industry and our business in Germany. There was, in my opinion, nothing is off-limits to give. Eight proposals for immediate action.

1. Fleet CO2 limit for passenger Cars expose

The EU set a CO2 Fleet emission target of 95 grams per Kilometer for passenger Cars urgently needs to be stretched and for some years be exposed to. The fleet consumption is high, it can cause billions in penalties. This horrendous penalties for non-compliance with the limit value, the put a strain on our automotive industry, in addition to, and are, from today’s point of view is neither realistic nor feasible. It is therefore urgently necessary that the Federal government initiated with the member States of the European Union, an Amendment, this limit value preset in the Car to raise the fleet area, or to move for several years. Compliance with the climate objectives are not so bitter as it sounds, by the us threat of a massive economic downturn in danger anyway, but will be exceeded in the coming years. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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2. Mandatory assistance systems from 2022

Starting in 2022 need to be equipped in the EU, all new cars, among other things, with an intelligent speed assistant, an emergency braking and lane keeping assistants – or event-related data acquisition (Black Box). In addition, an apparatus for the connection of an alcohol ignition interlock will be mandatory. Of because of Autopilot: Video shows why Tesla’s unabated into the barriers and pegs, FOCUS Online/Wochit because Of Autopilot: Video shows why Tesla’s unabated into the barriers and pegs

This mandatory assistance systems cost a lot of money and increase the price, therefore, the mobility of the people, especially the small car will make it unnecessarily expensive. In addition, expensive, bureaucratic, and, ultimately, for motorists, useless instruments with the planned monitoring functions. The introduction should be postponed by at least three years, or as a non-mandatory measure to be seen. About the experts

Dr. Michael Haberland studied business Economics with focus on empirical Sciences and information and communication Sciences. He is the founder of the automobile club Mobil in Deutschland e. V. and is its President.

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3. Diesel driving bans in cities

ensuring The mobility of all citizens in the first place – especially in today’s time. Diesel driving bans are contrary to this project in some German cities (Stuttgart, Hamburg, etc.), and must be suspended with immediate effect and abolished. Heavy fuel oil in, Diesel out, So Hamburg’s diesel ban in FOCUS is heavy oil with pure Diesel out of it: So is Hamburg’s diesel ban

data of the German Federal environmental Agency showed already before the crisis, a clear improvement of the values, in addition, Diesel vehicles of the new Generation, as well as via Software Update, retrofit older Diesel are now proven to clean. The example of Stuttgart – currently, the nitric oxide levels to rise in spite of drastic traffic reduction even shows that the claim that diesel vehicles are the relevant triggers for the Exceedance of NO2 limit values was wrong. These are not facts-oriented transport policy is irresponsible, has cost motorists and businesses billions in unnecessary loss of value and needs to be urgently revised. Leopoldina disease burden in Germany: first Of all, wrong diet and Obesity, high blood pressure, Smoking, and metabolic diseases as risk factors. Air pollution ranks below

4. CO2 tax and gas prices

The Federal government must do everything Possible to get people and companies in Germany is not subject to any further burdens, especially those of a financial nature. We need the economy after the crisis, a functioning and thriving economy, to our prosperity and our standard of living to get and to keep. The introduction of an additional CO2 tax, starting in 2021 (according to the Eco-tax and Vehicle tax, it would be already the third, a CO2 tax) would burden citizens and businesses unnecessarily; they must be stopped urgently. The Federal government must also ensure that the prices for fuels such as gasoline and Diesel, at least not more expensive than before the crisis. Mobile in Germany, A CO2 tax is to make the Refueling is significantly more expensive (icon image)

5. State funding for dubious organizations

stop The crisis has cost Germany huge sums of financial resources. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Federal government to review the current expenditure of taxpayers ‘ money to questionable organizations and, if necessary, to immediately cease. An example is the German environmental aid, the needs of its charitable Status to economic purposes and many companies and retailers unsettled by warnings of solid and damage is. in private, The German environmental aid sent on the 18. March – in the midst of a national crisis – cease and desist orders for alleged violations of EU labelling requirements

for this reason, the financial support of such organizations by the state is to stop money immediately. Already-funded projects must be reviewed on its positive effect for the citizens. So this is not clearly demonstrated, must be committed to the organizations for the repayment of the funds to the taxpayers.

6. Limitation the Association’s right to sue

The Association causes a right of action in Germany, in small clubs and associations can delay important infrastructure projects, by means of suits, and in the worst case prevent, even if they themselves are not affected directly. Thus, small interest groups, pry virtually any political decisions. dpa/Patrick Pleul/dpabild A sign that says “no trespassing!” hangs on a fence at the site of the future Tesla Gigafactory.

An example of this is the “Green League”, the sued a few weeks ago, Tesla and a (preliminary) non-stop for the new factory in Brandenburg forced is. Through such actions major projects will be delayed to enormous, unnecessary costs and jobs at risk. Therefore, it would represent advisable, the Association’s right of action in Germany to draw to a thorough examination to identify where in fact the legitimate nature conservation, or residents ‘ interests.

7. Adjustment of electricity prices

Germany is groaning rates under increasing power. In a European comparison, we are even the top riders. Therefore, it is recommended to lower the current price of Electricity for private and industrial consumers consistently and to provide a relief for the businesses and citizens. For comparison: In Germany, the kilowatt-hour costs 34 cents. France only has 19 cents, of Norway, has 12 cents and US 15 cents per kilowatt-hour. All of the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test, FOCUS Online/Wochit All the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test

Here, there is an urgent need, so that Germany will not boot after the crisis as a location for investment from countries with lower electricity prices out. Another factor: The increasing prevalence of electric cars and Plug-In hybrids in Germany is hampered by the high electricity prices and the electricity would pay for itself with lower costs even faster.

8. Funding when buying a new car

in Order to bring the automotive industry and therefore also for the German economy, new incentives must be created for the purchase of new vehicles. I propose, therefore, to adopt the VAT when buying a new car, or to halve at least. More current funding should be awarded money regardless of the engine type. This would mean that a frugal Diesel would be as promoted as an electric vehicle. This would just help the local auto manufacturers and jobs in our country secure, with a parallel Benefit to the environment by switching to modern cars with locally emission-free electric drives or fuel-efficient, low-emission combustion engines.