Who doesn’t know this? You have just filled the tank, and comes suddenly to a much cheaper gas station. The Tank is now full – a reason to Fret. The Trouble can often be avoided with a few Tricks and the right Apps.

1. Apps such as “Smart Refueling” or “ADAC fuel prices,” use

anyone Who has a Smartphone can make use of free tank Apps to save money. Among the most well-known Apps summer , Replenish and ADAC fuel prices . They always show the current prices for petrol and Diesel nationwide.

Because gas stations are since the 31. August 2013 committed to report their gasoline and Diesel prices in real-time to the market transparency unit of the Federal cartel office. The fuel-Apps obtain this information and pass it on to the consumer. This allows you to compare fuel prices nationwide.

The price comparison Apps – here’s how it works:

you Have loaded the App down and start it, you just need to enter fuel type, your zip code and search radius. The App then shows you the gas prices of all the public gas stations in your area.

The fuel prices vary, depending on the gas station, up to ten cents or more per litre. So you can save on a tank of fuel, several Euro.

The rule of thumb: – Free tank is often cheaper than the gas stations from major Oil companies.


Now coupons for Aral to back up and save

2. Points or bonus systems when Refueling, note the

in this Country, bonus schemes and loyalty programs are highly sought after – whether it is when shopping in-Store, at the time of booking the trip or when Refueling. Almost everywhere you can collect points and these, when enough have come together against rewards.

What many do not know: With the right Coupons, you can multiply the points, also at the pump.

  • Payback points at Aral petrol stations

The Payback bonus system is about Partner Aral. Motorists will get a Payback point for every two litres of fuel when you present your card when Paying. In the case of a passenger car with a 50-litre fuel Tank there is, therefore, 25 points per tank of fuel – the equivalent of 25 cents.

for free Via the Payback App, you can use your points, with the activation of a coupon, in the best case, increase sevenfold. For the same amount of fuel there are then 175 points. Those who collect at least 200 points , you can use it to pay when filling up.

  • In the case of Esso, the advantages of the Germany card benefits

The bonus system of Germany, the card is less common than Payback, but also very lucrative. Who refuels the Partner Esso, against submission of its customer card, one point per two liters of fuel. A point equals a penny. In the best case, you can fold the points collected by tenfold.

The Germany card the App is also free and works similar to the Payback App. Here you can also activate Coupons and points look. Pro 100 points you can reduce your fuel bill to Euro .

The disadvantage of Both of these bonus programs are for free. In return, the Partner (for example, Aral and Esso) values, but the buying behaviour of the customers. This helps the providers to optimize their advertising.

  • The ADAC membership to take full advantage of

Who ADAC is a member, is not only roadside assistance, if your car broke down, but also more benefits. The ADAC is a Partner of several tank. In the case of Shell, Agip and Star, you get your ADAC club card a discount of one Cent per litre. The invoice will be reduced by the relevant discount.

The ADAC membership, but costs a minimum of 49 euros per year – reduced to a minimum of 37 Euro.

3. If there is cheaper fuel at the right time

in addition to the different stations, the time of day plays a crucial role in the fuel. According to the ADAC motorists between 14 and 17 clock , and between 18 21 pay for Fuel up to three cents less per litre than the daily average. Between 9 and 12 o’clock, the Saving is up to two cents per litre.

In the morning hours between 6 am and 9 am you should refuel in any way. A Liter of Diesel costs in this period of up to five cents a litre of gasoline, and even up to six cents more than the daily average. In the night between 23 and 4 o’clock Fuel, according to the ADAC, about a penny more expensive than the average.

More info on the subject: at The right time to refuel.

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