Cleaner and more often

work began on the observation platform of Sparrow hills, along which from seven in the morning lined up a few dozen trucks, large road – less – sidewalk and tractors with trailers-tanks. Large sprinkle moved along the street Kosygina in the direction of Mosfilm, and then some turned in the direction of University Avenue, and the rest went to the side of Prospekt Vernadskogo. From the nozzles of each fountain were beaten disinfectant solutions.

On the streets and sidewalks in the early morning there was not a pedestrian. Small sprinkle filled with a solution the surface of the viewpoint and its granite parapets. Where there were not enough machines, disinfection is carried out by hand, the utility in special protective suits. Further disinfection total urban moved to administrative area. During the whole day, cleaned the city from viruses and dirt more than 70 thousand public utilities and more than 4.5 thousand units watering equipment.

– If there is a requirement of the CPS, we will carry out a large-scale disinfection often said Pyotr Biryukov. – While health doctors believe that once a week is enough. Per day we have time to process about 300 million square metres of urban areas.

carefully wash and disinfect the working sites of mass stay of people: the territory of clinics and hospitals, transport hubs, building entrances to metro stations, public transportation, public toilets, IFC, the facilities for waste management.

As has assured the mayor, the disinfectant composition used in the capital, safe for humans and animals in a half hour after application to the surface. “The means used do not contain chlorine, they are made based on spirit connections”, – said Biryukov. Dosage recommended by Rospotrebnadzor. Similar tools are widely used for disinfection of contact surfaces in schools, kindergartens and public catering enterprises. For each site their own standards. Disinfection in the city are exposed to the entrances of residential houses and courtyards, as well as objects of transport. Usually, this job involved about 70 thousand specialists of municipal services of the city.