Before the meeting, the President signed a decree, according to which amendments to the Constitution enter into force on 4 July. “Come, without exaggeration, by the will of the people, – said Vladimir Putin. – Changes made to the Main Law of the country affects each and the final, decisive word here could only citizens of Russia”.

Vladimir Putin once again thanked “everyone who made a responsible choice.” He recalled the outcome: the voting was attended by about 68 percent of the electorate, and the vast majority – about 78 percent – supported the new constitutional provisions. “We made this important decision together, the whole country, – said the head of state, and it concerns the values and basic principles which lie at the basis of further development of Russia, make us truly one people, a single entity”.

the results of the vote, he said, showed a high level of consolidation of society on key issues of national importance. In this regard, the Russian leader drew the attention of the government, Parliament and regional leaders that the priorities and values for which they voted for the Russians “should be fully implemented in specific cases – in the budgets in all Federal programs and national projects.” Each rule included in the Constitution, does not mean contemplation, action, Putin said.

the Head of state referred to the question of the organization of the plebiscite. “In such difficult conditions, when the load was done all of the procedure nationwide voting began for the citizens comfortable and that is extremely important today, safe,” – said the President.

“You did not work well and professionally, you’ve done it sincerely – I have seen it, as they say, with the soul, realizing the importance of the end result” – thanked Vladimir Putin to members of the working group. The participants analyzed the international experience, organized a wide-ranging discussion. In fact, it is the citizens were the main authors listed in the Constitution of the changes, because their initiatives were systematized. The band members played with their own ideas. “Your suggestions are exactly coincided with the expectations of the people,” – said the President. As an example, he cited the nominated people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Mashkov initiative on the prohibition of the alienation of territories. “I think many people have seen reports, as residents of one of the territories of Russia, for whom this topic is of particular importance, literally took the words of Vladimir Lvovich – that this amendment shall be of reinforced concrete, – Putin said. And was erected in honor of the 67th article of the Constitution, which stipulates that provision, concrete memorial sign”. We are talking about the Central square of Yuzhno-Kurilsk, where they were placed plate with TABLOCK��th engraved on the text of the amendment on the inviolability of the Russian borders.

“I Must say that this is not one or two territories, and a much greater amount sensitive areas of Russia”, – said the Russian President.

Now, warned the head of state, Russia needs a qualitative change in legislation. After all, it must comply with the amended Constitution, Putin said. “It was obvious that, if the citizens will support amendments that will require major legislative work. And this moment has come,” he added.

the President asked the members of the working group to talk about “how we build the work on the basis of the adopted citizens of the Constitution.”

the Head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrei Klishas said that the legislators are ready to work on it. The Senator, who is also the co-chair of the specialized group, has no doubts: “Our legislation will soon be seriously modernized.” According to him, the bills largely ready and will soon be submitted to Parliament. In particular, it concerns the issues of organization and forming the government. “This applies to the constitutional court, government, Prosecutor’s office”, – said Klishas. He also said that parliamentarians will analyze the best practices, tested in a nationwide vote on the amendments and propose changes including to the electoral legislation.

Another co-chair is the head of the Duma Committee on state construction and the legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov has informed that about one hundred Federal and constitutional laws have to change to implement the amendments. Along with this you need to debug the coordinated work of public authority that changes can be made more efficient, he said. The working group believes Krasheninnikov, can become a platform for further work on the draft laws concerning the amendments.

fellow co – Chairman taliya khabrieva, Director of the Institute of legislation and comparative law under the government of the Russian Federation, gave explanations on changes in regional legislation. The work will be too big. In the end, changing the Constitution, according to her, to be clarified about 650 of the laws and statutes of the regions. “Amendments shall be subject to not only Federal legislation, because it needs to re-tune the whole legal system,” she said. First and foremost, she said, will need to update the regional laws that relate to employment, health care, youth policy and local self-government.

In the center of the activities of state institutions must be persons and socially oriented statepolicies. That is what focused us citizens during the voting, said Andrey Klishas.

the Head of state during the meeting had responded to a number of proposals from participants. In particular, he supported the development of new measures for the protection of citizens who lost their Bank deposits. In addition, it endorsed the initiative of holding in the country the lessons of historical memory. “Great idea, fully support”, – said the President.

Vladimir Putin during the discussion also stressed the importance of social support for Russians – for targeted help, to remind you, as stated in the amendments to the Constitution. “The most important thing is to raise the incomes of Russian families, – said the head of state. – While there is we have not made, on the contrary – the level of people’s income is reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to think about how to support them.”

Commenting on the inequality of the size of subsidies for housing to low income families, Putin called this topic “very important and sensitive for the people”. He assured that the government will work to resolve this problem and to help those in need. “The cutoff of family security, when she may qualify for a subsidy from the state, it is necessary to change, – said the head of state. But this, of course, requires a certain miscalculation”.

the President also commented on the proposal to remove legal restrictions on doing business for Teens starting at age 16. According to him, “we have a lot to think about, not to admit any mistakes.” “Here do not need to fuss,” he said.

the President said that Russia needs an inflow of new citizens, especially if we are talking about compatriots from abroad. This opinion he expressed in response to a question from the Chairman of the organization “Ukrainians of Russia” Bogdan Bezpalko. He complained that immigrants from abroad are meeting in Russia with extortions and bureaucratic obstacles in the design documents.

“it’s my firm belief, Russia needs an inflow of new citizens. Not only in increasing the birth rate in the country, but also in attracting people from abroad”, – said the President. “Of course, if we are talking about our compatriots, the bearers of the Russian language, Russian culture, we are doubly, triply interested in the inflow of such people who feel themselves to be Russians in the broadest sense of the word,” he added.

the Russian leader noted that the country’s economy is not enough manpower, and soon, this shortage will become even more noticeable. “It becomes a real, serious impediment to economic growth in the country”, – said Putin.

In some countries work to attract staff put on a serious, even scientific level. “And we need to do it,” he said.

as for the restricted��iy, mentioned Bezpalko, Vladimir Putin called them harmful. “Of course, this is necessary to get rid of. Many times I have given this account of the order,” – said the President. He invited the employees of its administration and the government to think about how to reduce financial costs to the compatriots returning to their historical homeland. “We can do it fast enough,” said the President.

Among those who commented on the President – the possibility of replacing full-time study on the remote. Completely it is impossible, Putin said. “Here it is extremely important direct communication, personal communication between teacher and student, student and student,” said he. The President noted that the technical aspects of education are evolving, including for remote forms, to try to stop technical progress is impossible, and not necessary.

“But, of course, to replace it others do not, we are not going to do it,” – said Vladimir Putin.

He agreed with the opinion of the Chairman of the “Union of women of Russia” Catherine Lakhov of the need to have control in the application of distance learning. “This should totally be under control, you need to develop a common framework of rules and, on this basis, to develop our educational system”, he concluded.

Valuable suggestions, which were not included in the Constitution, must be implemented at the level of laws or regulations. “All packaging in the Constitution is virtually impossible, unrealistic, and in fact, it’s not constitutional. But the proposals which came from people who we cannot accommodate in the Constitution and which are absolute value for society, these proposals are, without a doubt, needs to be implemented,” he said. “It is important that we do not lose anything of what people have acquired and offered useful for the country”, – Putin said.

People, he said, heart felt and put to the vote the proposals are in demand and necessary for the country. “This inner attitude of citizens of Russia to create the conditions for sustained stable development of the country, is extremely important”, – said Putin. He stressed that the main guarantor of stability in Russia is its people, able to make responsible decisions.

the working group can continue to lead legislative activities. “I would ask your group not to disperse to continue on the basis of the amendments brought to the Constitution,” the President said to the meeting participants.

In accordance with article 3 of the Law of the Russian Federation on the amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation of 14 March 2020 N 1-FKZ “On improving the regulation of certain issues opof organisation and functioning of public authorities” and the decree of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation dated July 3, 2020 N 256/1888-7 “the results of nationwide voting regarding approval of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation” decide

1. Amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation under article 1 of the Law of the Russian Federation on the amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation of 14 March 2020 N 1-FKZ “On improving the regulation of certain issues of organization and functioning of public authority”, shall take effect July 4, 2020

2. The Federal guard service of the Russian Federation to provide official publication of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as amended on “the Official Internet portal of legal information” (

3. This Decree shall enter into force from the day of its signing.

Russian President

Vladimir Putin

Moscow, The Kremlin

July 3, 2020 No 445