Churches in Complexo de Israel Close Doors After Threats from Drug Lord Peixão, Brotherhood Reveals


Churches in Complexo de Israel Close Doors After Threats from Drug Lord Peixão, Brotherhood Reveals

A notorious drug lord known as Peixão is currently on the run from the authorities, facing at least 9 arrest warrants for various crimes. This past weekend, several churches in the Complexo de Israel region were forced to shut their doors and cancel important events such as June festivals and religious services.

The affected churches include the parishes of Santa Edwiges and Santa Cecília in Brás de Pina, as well as Nossa Senhora da Conceição and Justino in Parada de Lucas. According to reports, armed motorcyclists believed to be acting on Peixão’s orders visited these parishes on Friday (5) and explicitly instructed them not to conduct any weddings or baptisms.

In response to the threats, the Paróquia de Santa Edwiges took to social media to announce the cancellation of their upcoming festival and services for the weekend. Similarly, the administrators of Paróquia Nossa Senhora da Conceição e Justino in Parada de Lucas posted a message stating that all parish activities are suspended until further notice.

Despite the warnings posted by the churches, the Archdiocese of Rio confirmed that the churches remain open. Concerned parishioners have reported the situation to the local police authorities, specifically the 16th Military Police Battalion (Olaria), but no concrete actions have been taken so far.

The case has also been brought to the attention of the Civil Police, with the Delegacia de Crimes Raciais e Delitos de Intolerância (Decradi) currently investigating the matter. The escalation of religious tensions and threats from Peixão have raised serious security concerns in the community.

Peixão, formerly known as Alvinho, rose to power in the Complexo de Israel region with a vision to liberate the people from oppression. Over the years, he has expanded his control over neighboring favelas and established his authority through a combination of intimidation and extremist ideologies.

Embracing an identity as the leader of the Tropa do Aarão, Peixão has enforced strict religious doctrines within the community, leading to the removal of traditional symbols and practices that do not align with his beliefs. The influx of evangelical influences has further fueled religious intolerance and conflicts within the area.

As the situation escalates and churches are forced to close their doors in the face of threats, the local authorities and religious leaders are urged to take decisive action to ensure the safety and freedom of worship for all residents in the Complexo de Israel region. The ongoing tensions underscore the complex dynamics of power, religion, and criminal influence that continue to shape communities in Rio de Janeiro.