‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ star Chuck Norris has earned the ire of liberals on social media over photos that appear to show him at the US Capitol riot, but critics were duped by a look-alike.

Twitter users latched onto an image from the day of the US Capitol riot and claimed it showed the martial artist with a man identified as Matthew Bledsoe moments in Washington DC moments before the Capitol was raided.

Wait, so are we just not going to mention the fact that Chuck Norris was at the MAGA insurrection?

Here’s the full Instagram story from Matt Bledsoe (a violent domestic abuser who told his 6 year old to kill herself, which you can read about here:

Though the unidentified bearded man bears a resemblance to Norris, many were quick to point out differences between them, including age – Norris is 80 years old. 

I have no doubt Chuck Norris is MAGA but this guy isn’t him. Very good lookalike but too young.

Kid: Mum can I have Chuck NorrisMum: We already have Chuck Norris at homeChuck Norris at home:

The original Instagram photo was accompanied by text that read ‘Chuck Norris’ – and that was all the proof liberal critics needed to slam the star, who has a history of supporting the Republican Party and President Donald Trump.

“Chuck is a racist, Nazi-loving d-list Republican. He belongs in prison for insurrection, along with the rest of the MAGA mob,” one Twitter user wrote in reaction to the photo.

“The new Chuck Norris movie where he stages an attempted coup and goes home a traitor looks terrible,” another wrote. 

“Chuck Norris doesn’t fight #MAGATerrorists… he joins them. No joke,” another added. 

How are white people really trying to act surprised that Chuck Norris is a Trump supporter?

This new Chuck Norris reboot looks horrible.

Twitter seems shocked Chuck Norris was seen at the insurrection. Sorry guys, he’s a well known douchebag.

But those seeking to cancel Norris were duped. A spokesperson for the star confirmed in a public statement that it was a “wannabe look-alike” in the photo and Norris did not attend the Save America rally and had been in Texas with his family.

“This is not Chuck Norris [but] a wannabe look-alike – although Chuck is much more handsome,” the spokesperson said. “Chuck remains on his range in Texas, where he has been with his family.”

Other public figures who were either part of the storming of the US Capitol or in attendance at the pro-Trump Save America rally on the same day have faced major backlash. Singer Ariel Pink, for instance, was dropped by his record label after it was reported he was there. Pink admitted to being at the rally, but said he was not part of the mob that entered the Capitol.

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