Chrysler Crossfire – the design piece

The Daimler-Chrysler marriage was the cost of Swabia billion, but also had her Good. The Crossfire (2003 to 2007), for example. Well, actually, only the Crossfire: a car as a design study of the Detroit motor show, including a solid Teutonic engineering in the Form of the first Mercedes SLK, what not and in the Cockpit exterior even looks for it at once. For only 6000 francs to drive the V6 coupe, we prefer the Form because of the Roadster.

Mazda RX-8 – the last rotary

The last car with a Wankel engine was the first that was killed of Europe’s emission regulations: Yes, the Mazda RX-8 drinks (an eye-Test at the time of 12.4 l/100 km for 231 HP). But from 2003 to 2012, the vibration spoiled us free, to 9500 (!) Turns orgelnde Wankel, a terrific Fun-chassis, portal doors, and a Japanese Design that you like even Italians. Tip: for A non-tuned RX-8, the first-Generation los buy; from 4000 francs to go.

Rover-75 – the little Lord,

As a bridge from citizens to the luxury class Rover was an Institution, marriage is the brand under the “British misery” (British Leyland), contributed to the death. At the end of the BMW to handle and butchered the carcass. But before that, the Bavarians had developed a last, fine “Jaguar for the common man”: the distinguished Rover 75 (1998-2005) with a fireplace room-the Cockpit. Today? From 3000 Francs! Our tip is the 75 Tourer (station wagon) with the lethargic, but authentic 2.5-Liter V6.

Saab 9-5 – the turtleneck sweater

The courageous Intellectuals of the brand has been understood for a long time General Motors miss (but alive), and shuffled, and at the end, after China, bought and sold. But the turtleneck sweater made cars for architects and designers, are the icons. Former 9-5er there for 2000 francs. But we advise to be one of the rare 9-5 in the last edition of Just 11’000 PCs (in 2010 to 2011, image), of which 33 are superrare station wagon, brought no rescue, and they cost a good 15’000 Swiss francs.

Smart Roadster – the curve is king

The idea was cool, the quality in spite of a pharmacist, price is lousy, the automated manual transmission atrocious: In the third year had. the few buyers in 2005, enough of the 800-pound Roadster In the curves, but the Smart Roadster is a king – until today. There is no Brabus (101 HP, 10’000 Fr.) be, of the 82-horsepower Roadster 4000 francs already hugely happy. Tip: The Roadster-Coupé (image) with glass dome-rear is a bit more expensive, but rare and visually cool, and thanks to additional suitcase little practical.