Two of the participants in the VTM program, is My kitchen is my restaurant. is after the episode Thursday night is completely removed from the social media. This is the result of the reaction of Charlot and Charlotte were to take part, and where they do not expect it to be.

in My kitchen in my restaurant have five pairs, and star chefs Sergio Herman and Marcelo Ballardin other points on the food that they and their guests will stay. Of the four, first to advance to the next round, the last one is finished. And Thursday night did the ‘Instagirls’ Into Parent (27), and Charlotte Ameele (29) it is all to make opponents run, Kim and Charlotte, in which it terminated. They reported a 2 to a 10, and the survivors themselves in the elimination bracket.

Completely gone.

There was immediately a mass of negative responses to the strategy game of choice. Not only Twitter, but also on the socialemediakanalen of the two, He look at their own. It’s more for the Instagram page, the Cookalot , of Into. These accounts have been Friday morning, even completely disappeared as a result of the show of the night. The tsunami of negative responses were in the Instagirls not be expected, as found with our support team.

The two were there at the beginning of the show is not a secret that she was the possible elimination of the head and sat down. She said no that she was a little bit, hoping to find food on their opponents run would be a disappointment. Then, they had more of a chance. They’ve got the game, and then tactics played by the rules of the game are totally possible. In this case, it was a 2 on a 10, Into and and Charlotte made dinner for Kim and Charlotte, the decisive: with 3 points more they would be in the program and not have to leave.
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