Minimarkets, working on the principle of vending machines appear in many countries, in Russia after Moscow they are already established in many other regions. So, mikromarket from Perm the retailer is able to sell up to 70 kinds of food products, providing food office for 200 people or a house on 120 apartments. The buyer himself takes the desired goods and pay for them at self-service stations.

Despite falling in most regions, quarantine restrictions, people still prefer to use contactless purchase, the President of the Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) Artem Sokolov.

the Development of retail format, allowing not to leave the house or office, as per the latest trends.

According to forecasts of the American research center Bachtelle & Associates, by 2022 the number of micromarkets in the US will reach 35 thousand, and the income from their work for 10 years will grow to $ 1.6 billion.

In the world there are examples of more exotic reactions of Commerce to the pandemic. So, in April, the Israeli company Flytrex launched in North Dakota (USA) shipping light goods from Walmart with the help of drones right into the courtyard of the client. According to the WSJ, the startup plans to increase flight radius up to five kilometers. The inhabitants of the British city of Milton Keynes products ordered through a special application, delivering 50 six-wheeled robots. This way of shopping operates here from the end of 2018, however, given the pandemic dramatically increased the demand, and the robots have to work with almost all the inhabitants of the city, so Starship is planning to double the number of its “employees”.

the Inhabitants of the rest of the Kingdom can use the “buy and get” developed one of the largest retail chains in the DIY. It allows customers to place orders online and then pick them up at a certain place at a prearranged time without the need of social interaction. By the way, this model caught on and in auto sales, given that car dealers are still closed. For the British, prefer to shop offline, the application Ubamarket that combines the function of drawing up shopping lists with navigation for safe retail zones and payment of goods. Even at home, the customer adds the desired items to the list, following which, the application shows the shortest route on the trading floor, simultaneously suggesting where the goods, the buyer scans the products with a smartphone and puts them in the basket, and then at the cash register puts the phone on the reader and pay for purchases.