Trading on the Moscow stock exchange opened confident growth of rouble assets. Ruble exchange index rose by 1.5%, while the dollar fell to 75.2 roubles/$. Investors are gradually returning risk appetite on the background of monetary assistance to financial regulators as well as slow the spread of the epidemic of the coronavirus. Additional support to the Russian market have oil prices that have stabilized above $30 per barrel (for Brent).Trading on the Russian market as well as on the first day of the week began on an optimistic note. On the eve of the US stock market were closed by confident growth of indexes more than 7%. The leading Asian stock indexes showed growth of 1.5–2%. The leaders of Indian market — stock index SENSEX rose by almost 6%, offsetting losses the previous two days. Trading on the Moscow stock exchange also opened with growth of quotations. Ruble-denominated index rose more than 1.5% to 2670 points. Currency, the RTS index was fixed above level of 1100 points. The dollar at the opening of trading sharply left below level, approaching the level of 75.2 roubles/$ 80 kopecks below the previous day’s close, for the hour of the day rose to 75,45 RUB/$. 13:02 the Euro was 82,11 RUB/€.The official Euro exchange rate set by the Central Bank on Wednesday, fell of 62.26 pennies to 82,012 RUB/€, the dollar has lost 95,24 kopecks, falling to 75,455 RUB/$.As noted by chief analyst “BCS Premier” Anton Pokatovich, investor sentiment has stabilized, “accounting for the value of the assets of global recession have either been completed or close to completion”. According to him, against this background, market participants can carefully implement the restoration of their appetite to purchase risk. In addition, as noted by market participants, support for ruble assets has oil prices on futures of Brent holding above $30 per barrel. According to Reuters, currently, the quotes of the nearest futures on Brent crude oil are above $34 per barrel, 3% higher than the previous day’s closing. As explained by Anton Pokatovich, the main driver of growth in oil prices were the market expectations that exporters be prepared to sign a new deal to reduce oil production, which can also include new members, including the United States. In addition, he said, especially important to have a meeting (in the form of a telephone conference) exporters in the G20 format in the end of this week. “If exporters will be able to find a compromise and come to an agreement about the beginning of large-scale reduction of oil production 6-10 million barrels a day, oil prices might consolidate in the near future in the range of $35-40 per barrel,”— said the expert.The evaluation of Mr. Pokatovich, in the absence of new negative shocks on the market, and while maintaining hope for balancing the oil market to the dollar on Ross��ISCOM the market may remain in the range of 74 to 77 rubles/$, Euro — 80-83 RUB/€.Department financialpolicy data on distribution and damage zabolevaniyami next