Rin Kambe, 42, from Tokyo, Japan, is known for her gorgeous hair. She hasn’t been to a hair salon in 17 years. As a result, her hair is now a whopping 7 feet (2.12 meters) long, reports The Mirror.

Since the woman herself is only 1.70 meters tall, Rin has to constantly take care of her hair. Because her loose hair hinders her even with everyday tasks, she usually wears a bun. However, she has to constantly readjust it because it is so heavy. It takes Rin more than an hour to wash her hair and two hours to blow dry it.


She explains the problems her hair causes her: “When I wear my hair down I struggle with almost everything I do because it’s so easy to trip over it. I can’t even go to the bathroom, let alone change clothes or eat noodle soup. I don’t even dare to go outside with my hair loose.”

But she loves her hair more than anything and can’t imagine cutting it: “I never think about cutting my hair. My head doesn’t hurt, but sometimes the hairline and scalp feel heavy.” She wants her hairstyle to stand out from the crowd.

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