Marking of animals in several ways. Tag could cost the owner in 14-20 rubles, installation of 50-70 rubles. The ring is 5-10 rubles, the service of ringing 20-50 rubles, collar – 150-250 rubles. Finally, the subcutaneous microchip is from 90 to 140 rubles, and its installation – even 50-100 rubles. Bolus (a type of microchip) will cost 150-200 rubles, introduction – 100-150 rubles. The cost of a tattoo varies from 200 to 500 rubles per unit.

the Widespread labeling will allow you to trace and identify the source of animal disease (including those common to humans and animals), I expect the authors of the bill.

to Mark animals born before the expected date of entry into force of the bill (January 1, 2021), you will need no later than 31 December 2025. Those who are born after January 1, 2021, will be factored into the marking system from 1 January 2022. Marking will deal with the state veterinary service and certified specialists.

All information about the animals will be recorded in a single database. This will allow you to find the animal wherever it was lost, or to prosecute the owner who tried to get rid of the animal. But what information will be entered into the database about the animal, from the draft document is unclear.

the chipping Procedure is painless for the animal, says the head of the charity Fund “Zoozaschita” Anna Wyman. She believes in the need to introduce mandatory labelling of domestic animals. Thus will be faster to return a “lost and found” masters. Now there are a lot of cases and only in 30% of them at best able to find and return the animal to the owner. In addition, the marking will make it possible to prosecute owners whose Pets have caused someone injury.

to Introduce mandatory labeling Pets in Russia trying in 2016. But each time the bill is returned for revision, like the Chairman of the Committee on ecology and environmental protection of the state Duma Vladimir Burmatov. The new version also has shortcomings, he said. In his opinion, should be included in the basis of wild animals, permitted for home detention, the marking shall also be provided for animals kept in shelters (accounting and identification will allow you to control the use of public funds).

the Project provides for penalties for failure the owner of the animal from marking: according to the administrative code, for individuals the penalty is 0.5-1 thousand rubles. According to Burmatov, the penalties should be introduced gradually, after a long transition period. “We need to encourage people that they marked their animals, and not to break them across my knee,” explains Vladimir burmatov.