“Some of the company reports of break-ins by 50 percent compared to the previous year, sometimes more,” said a spokeswoman for the Federal Association of car sharing, the German press Agency.

Due to the force output limitations of bookings declined currently. Some providers feared, therefore, to have to file for bankruptcy, should there be restrictions about April and beyond. “So, it could come to this, that the car-sharing program will be reduced according to the Corona-crisis in Germany.”

bankruptcies, in the case of car-sharing companies threaten

car sharing has spread in Germany in recent years, more and more. According to the Association, there are currently 840 varieties of 226 provider – the are car-sharing companies, cooperatives and associations. 2019 there were reported to be 181 car-sharing provider, the set of 740 places in “cars for Parts” available.

The number of vehicles to be located at the beginning of the year at 25 to 400, an increase of 25.7 percent compared to the previous year. The total number of users of car-sharing was Offered at the beginning of the year at 2.29 million. Everything about the development of the Corona-crisis

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