Breaking News: BTS Member Jin Completes Mandatory Military Service

The South Korean singer Jin, from the popular group BTS, is set to be discharged from his mandatory military service on Wednesday (12/6) after being away from music activities for 18 months. In a statement, BIGHIT announced that the artist has already scheduled a special event later this week.

It is expected that all members of the k-pop group will be present at the discharge ceremony, but the agency stated that the event will be reserved only for military personnel and will not be open to the general public. “No special event is planned for Jin’s discharge day. To avoid overcrowding issues, we recommend that fans do not visit the location. Please send your warm greetings and encouragement in your hearts,” advised BIGHIT.

For the fans, the agency has organized an event on Thursday (13/6) at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, where they will have the opportunity to meet Jin in person. The event also celebrates BTS’s 11 years of existence and promises several special moments with the singer.

What about the other members?
Currently, the other members of BTS are still serving in the South Korean military to fulfill their mandatory service. The next member to be discharged is J-Hope, who enlisted at the beginning of 2023 and is expected to be discharged in October of this year.

Suga began his service last September and will only return to work in June 2025, as he chose a public service model where he works in government offices (post offices, schools, police stations, among others). During the same period, artists RM, V, Jimin, and Jungkook are also expected to receive their discharges.