Changes apply to goods manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as works and services, which uses such products.

the Government received the authority to approve the list of such goods, works or services, as well as a minimum proportion of their procurement and their implementation.

the minimum share of purchases will be formed depending on the development of a particular industry and calculated from the total annual volume of purchases. The same document establishes how to describe the object of procurement and prepare a report already made the purchase.

As explained in the Ministry of industry, the size of the quota prescribed by law, will be differentiated in accordance with the competencies and capabilities of Russian manufacturers. “This will allow dot to provide support to the Russian producers, including in the framework of diversification of the military-industrial complex, and to prevent disruption of the procurement procedures, as well as to minimize the quota mechanism for formal implementation at the expense of works and services,” said the Ministry.

“as testing and analysis of the mechanism the Agency will gradually spread to other industries. Confirm the status of “Russian goods” will be implemented in conjunction with the mechanism of confirmation of industrial production in the Russian Federation approved by the order No. 719,” – said Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Vasily Osmakov.

in addition, the government is entitled to determine minimum share of purchases of Russian goods and in respect of state corporations, state companies and certain other legal entities with state participation. The list also will be approved by the Cabinet. At the end of the year customers will be required to report the volume of purchases of Russian goods, works and services and post it in a unified information system (UIS).

the government is delegated the right to define the requirements for contents and form of report on execution by the customer of the minimum percentage of procurement and the procedure of its preparation and publication.