Drivers began to fine of 5 thousand rubles for the fare without a pass, which was captured by a traffic camera. The decision sends the Moscow administrative road inspection (MADI). Lawyers complain to the Prosecutor General, insisting on the illegality of the actions of the authorities. Of the administrative code of Russia admits sending “letters of happiness” only for traffic violations or Parking on the lawn, pay attention to the experts, and the violation of the quarantine under these categories misses.Reports about the first fine of 5 thousand rubles., issued MADI for travel without permits (article 3.18.1 of the administrative code of Moscow) appeared in the community “Blue buckets” on April 28. While we know of several cases. So, the resolution received the Muscovite Maxim Chirkov for travel without a pass on the TTC in the area Spartakovskaya square. He has already appealed against the fine because it claims that the pass was issued and the car it was written. In a similar situation turned out to be Vladimir Rozhkov: pass it valid, he said the TV channel “Moscow 24”. Fine, he is also going to appeal. The car owner Sergey (last name unknown), according to the published “Blue buckets” scan, fined for traveling without a pass Severyaninskogo the overpass, Muscovite Alina LIR — on Leningrad prospect in the metro area “Falcon”. Thus, after fixing prior to receipt of “letters of happiness” is 6-7 days.Previously, all respondents “b” road lawyers (“b” repeatedly told about it) insisted on the illegality of the punishment, moreover, they said, sending out such letters is impossible in principle. For misfire monitor TMS checks the car, “punching” number on the lists of the Department of information technology of Moscow: if you pass there, the materials are transferred MADI, which makes the order. On this refers to article 3.18.1 of the administrative code of Moscow, which allows to prosecute the owner of the machine in compliance with article 28.6 of the administrative offences code of the Russian Federation in the simplified order, without issuing Protocol, polling the driver, by sending “letters of happiness” in the mail. This procedure can be used only if the traffic violations and for violations in the area of landscaping (for example, when parked on the lawn), follows directly from the text of article 28.6 Cao, emphasizes the President of the Moscow Board of legal protection of car owners Viktor Travin. Thus, he argues, Federal rule applies MADI illegal.Another violation, said Mr. Travin, associated with the provision of MADI personal data of car owners for removal of fines. In 2013, the interior Ministry and the Moscow government signed an agreement on the transfer of powers to the consideration of cases under part 5 of article 12.16 of the administrative code (violation of rules of Parking or stopping in the capital) allowing MADI to obtain data on owners of vehicles for the imposition of fines in a simplified dir��me. However, says Viktor Travin, to use these data to decisions under part 4 of article 3.18.1 of the administrative code of Moscow is impossible, as the agreement is not provided. The human rights activist has appealed in this regard, a complaint to the Prosecutor General.Experts link the recent explanation of the Supreme court, which says that physical and legal persons violating the regime of self-isolation, should be punished under Federal and not state law. Fines should be imposed according to article 20.6.1 (the penalty from 1 thousand rbl.) or under part 2 of article 6.3 of the administrative code (a fine of 15 thousand rubles; applies to citizens who are obliged to be quarantined).The Department of transport data on the number of fined drivers have not yet disclosed. Earlier in the TMS reported that last week identified more than 327 thousand citizens with no gaps. Such errors have made many car owners, says Kommersant’s source in the Moscow government. “Even if I’m wrong, why the system quietly gave me to enter the wrong number of the car and then did not notify me of the error”— mind Maxim Chirkov.Ivan Buranov