The government of Wales has received more than they bargained for after ordering supermarkets not to sell ‘non-essential’ goods… like clothing, books, phones and lots of other things that many people just can’t live without.

Customers of large retailers in Wales were greeted on Saturday with rows upon rows of shelves covered with plastic sheets or crisscrossed with tape. The businesses didn’t have much choice in the matter – they had to comply with new government guidelines meant to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Wales went into a 17-day “firebreak shutdown” on Friday evening, during which non-essential businesses will remain closed. And if a small shop cannot sell clothes, apparently neither can a giant retailer. That is because the government has to “maintain a level playing field” and not allow people “browsing around supermarkets looking for non-essential goods”, as First Minister Mark Drakeford put it. So, if you planned to buy warm clothes for your baby ahead of sub-zero-temperature weather, tough luck – order something online.

Wales have truly taken this second lockdown too far. Blocking off & sealing up “non essential” items in all stores so all we can buy is food. We can’t read, we can’t write, we can’t buy clothes, no birthday cards.. nothing ?

This is in #Wales Where you aren’t allowed, by law, to buy baby clothes as they are ‘non essential items’. I see vodka is free to purchase though. Essential, you know. Clowns.

Naturally, many were not amused, and pounced on Drakeford and the Welsh Labour Party for coming up with the new rules. During Britain’s first national lockdown this spring, most small businesses were shuttered too, but supermarkets were allowed to sell their regular stock as usual.

“Essential goods only.”First Minister of Wales bans the sale of non-essential items during lockdown.Who gets to decide what is “essential”?Dictatorship, drunk on power.

Is @WelshLabour essential to Wales?

Some even tried to defy the ban, or advocated non-compliance through their actions.

Welsh lad ripping down the plastic in a supermarket. We need more heroes like this, instead of the idiots in the senedd making ridiculous country destroying rules.

Others responded with somewhat morbid humor, ridiculing the new measures or suggesting how they could be circumvented.

Meanwhile in Wales DON’T PANIC if you see me walking to the Butchers tomorrow.I live in Wales and CLOTHING is NON ESSENTIAL for the next 17days.Luckily Prosecco and Cauliflower is Essential!

From 6pm Friday in Wales, clothing is non-essential.I may have misinterpreted this when I took the charger off the car at

Waitrose have got it covered in Wales….Simply brand everything as essential.

Here’s an idea. English people can deliver ‘non essential’ items to Wales via drones ??We would greatly appreciate it

She’s from Wales and bras are now non essential so she improvised!??

The ban was announced without a clarification of what goods were considered non-essential, leaving large retailers to guess. Businesses allowed to remain open include bicycle shops and livestock auctions, so there was plenty of room for interpretation, and large corporations naturally took the conservative approach, much to the chagrin of their customers.

Books are one item many consider essential in their lives and would like to see made available during the next two weeks. There have also been complaints about the ban covering clothing, cleaning products, and, of course, fireworks for Guy Fawkes’ Night, which will take place in the second week of the lockdown.

Books are banned in Wales. @Tesco can you explain why these are ‘not essential?’ They are VAT exempt as they are deemed essential by the UK Govt?

So, we’re hoping that shops in Wales can put their fire works back in the store room for another year.We’re in lockdown now and fireworks aren’t really an essential item and by the time we come out of this lockdown, Nov 5th will have passed.

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