Bruno Mars Charity Show for Rio Grande do Sul Sparks Podcast Invitation

Bruno Mars is set to kick off his Brazilian tour on October 4th, but the artist has made time in his schedule to host an extra charity show to help the flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul. In a surprising move, the event will not sell tickets, as all attendees will be selected through a lottery system. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a possibility of Bruno making a special appearance on the Podpah podcast.

The additional show will take place on October 1st in the city of São Paulo. To enter the lottery for tickets, fans will need to make a donation of R$ 50 through the Ação da Cidadania website. With each donation, a lucky number will be sent to the registered email, and the drawing will be held on July 12th. The announcement was made on Thursday and is a collaboration between the sponsor, Live Nation, and Ação da Cidadania. The organizers of the charity show also stated that all proceeds will go towards helping the flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul.

However, one unexpected comment caught the attention of Bruno Mars fans. Podpah podcast host Igor Cavalari extended an open invitation for Bruno Mars to join the show for a chat. The comment quickly garnered numerous likes, and the Brazil Bruno Mars page, known for being a leading source of Brazilian information and updates on the artist, reposted it with their support.

It remains to be seen whether Bruno Mars will actually appear on the podcast, but after adding 15 concert dates to his schedule, Brazilian fans now have the chance for an encore performance while also supporting a charitable cause. This will be Bruno Mars’ fourth visit to Brazil, and fans are eagerly anticipating both his shows and a potential podcast appearance.