usually each day, we spend countless hours on the phone or computer screen. While the Coronavirus continues to hold in the houses, we have time to put the Smartphone or the Laptop on the side. Other things come to train: reading is now a popular employment. All of the dusty books, the hope already no longer on the shelf waiting to be finally read, has now made their appearance.

you do not have to do with the read only slightly against the boredom, but also promote the head.

a lot of readers to live longer

In the case of a long-term study for over twelve years, showed American scientists, what is the effect on the service life. For 3635 seniors were interviewed from 50 years to your reading habits. It is criteria such as level of education, income and General health status of the participants were taken into account.

The result is: reading rats live longer than people who never take a book in Hand. This is an average of two years, the lives of a lot of readers longer. Three and a half hours read per week, reduced the risk of death within the next twelve years by approximately 17 percent.

These are the positive effects of reading

play with different factors, why read has a life-prolonging effect:

read improves memory read keeps you mentally young and powerful read strengthens the relaxed read attention and Concentration and reduces stress-reading expands the General knowledge read vocabulary read to grow promotes creativity and stimulates the imagination, helps reading, to escape from the daily 5 book tips of the Vayamo-editors

Three generations, three stories: Sofia, her father Giò and the Grandfather, Luigi all have to do eventually with their own set of problems. It is a story that tells of the struggle for identity. And of a rustic America. The stories span from the 1940s up to the present time. With each Chapter, the experiences of the child years add slowly as the puzzle pieces of a family history. A fantastically narrated novel in the unmistakable style of the Swiss writer Milena Moser.

The British author Dolly Alderton has with “Everything I wrote about the love of white” a book about her life. On the basis of real-life experience she describes to be a warm and witty way, the Adult with all of its hurdles, broken hearts and friendships, fix it. Catchy, funny, helpful. A lesson about life and love and what are the stumbling blocks, the search this sometimes brings with it.

The young writer Benedict Walls is regarded as the exceptional talent of the German-speaking literature. In the novel “The end of solitude” takes Wells the reader on a journey into the past of the main protagonist, Jules, has lost his parents in an accident. As an adult, he believes, to have this blow over, until he is again caught up with them. “The end of solitude” is Overcome by loss and loneliness, of self-alienation and of a great love. Wells writes gripping and touching, without sentimentality digress. The book for over a year on the bestseller list, and was honored in 2016 with the European Union Prize for Literature.

The narrative of one of the most famous Bank robber in the history of the USA: Willie Sutton, is coming after 17 years, could walk free, go with a photographer and a Reporter in a snowy New York on the traces of its past. On the way he tells his point of view of the non-violent Bank robberies of the great Willie Sutton’s, while in his Reports again and again, his big flaring love of Bess. With time, the life of the Bank robber is put together slowly like a Puzzle. J. R. Moehringer describes in his novel in an extraordinary manner a US-American Anti-hero, of which he was fascinated since he was a Boy.

The authentic narrative of A “like Alaska”, which is close to the youth language is only one of the reasons why the award-winning debut novel by the American writer John Green should read. The 16-year-old Miles, of passion, collects the last words of famous people, goes to a boarding school in search of “the great Perhaps” of his life. In the Form of the girl Alaska he believes to have finally found. Alaska intelligent, naughty, irresistible, but at the same time distant and vulnerable. “Eine wie Alaska” is Grow up a tribute to the, on puberty, with all its pitfalls and dangers. A rousing novel, the important questions of life and of the world targeted, and at the end of a bitter aftertaste.